Extension Ladders

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Extension Ladders

Step and Store’s range of Extension Ladders are a non-self-supporting ladder that can be adjusted by at least two or multiple points to extend their length to reach an optimal height. A piece of equipment that has stood the test of time, our range fully complies with health and safety measures that keep you stable no matter the height.

The Benefits

The telescopic design of extension ladders makes them the ideal choice when needing flexibility in terms of height. Step and Store offer multiple ways to adjust it’s reach, with the option to adjust at every rung or whether to build the perfect height yourself.

Extension Ladder Uses

Our range of Extension Ladders have a multitude of uses; suitable for a wide range of heights both indoor and outdoor, schools, warehouses, roofs and any industrial setting.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Extension Ladders can fit any requirement.

Save space and increase maneuverability with Step and Store’s Surveyors Ladder. Made with separate interlocking sections, this ladder is designed to fit into the boot of your car making it the ideal choice for easy transport and storage.

High quality materials make up our S2.0 Telescopic Ladder - with reinforced nylon couplings for high impact resistance and aerospace grade aluminium tubing that delivers exceptional torsional strength. All finished off with a hardened anodised that resists corrosion.

Increase comfort with Step and Store’s Extension Ladders, with our Professional Extension Ladder & Surveyors Ladder both fitted with comfortable D-shaped rungs. While our S2.0 Telescopic Ladder is fitted with a padded carry handle.


How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s range of combination ladders are capable of holding up to 150kg of weight.

What heights are available?

Step and Store detail both the closed and extended heights of our range of Extension Ladders. With up to a 10m extended length for our Professional Extension Ladder.

What does EN131 mean?

EN131 is a European Union Certification that ensures steps and ladders meet the minimum safety requirements for material and construction.