Kick Stool

Our range of kick stool and small steps are designed to help instantly access heights at lower levels. Above all, they are ideal for retail stores, office cupboards and hard to reach areas.

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What is a Kick Step Stool?

Whether you know them as Kick Steps, Small Steps, or Rolling Steps, they are the perfect solution to reaching lower heights without compromising on safety. The steps are durable, robust and versatile, giving you extra support without straining your back and legs. Both our plastic kick steps and steel kick steps are fitted with spring-loaded castors that automatically retract once placed into position. The heavy-duty rubber bumper around the base provides maximum grip when weight is applied, making these steps lightweight for easy manoeuvrability. The springs then ensure that the kick step is fixed in place and will not move whilst it is being stood on. This provides very high levels of safety and security when people are stood upon it. Our kikalong step stools are known for excellent quality and high density of polypropylene for good durability.

What is the purpose of a Kick Step Stool?

The kick steps are a robust, sturdy stool which is used to reach low-level shelves and racks. The purpose of the step is to assist with reaching products and equipment that are out of reach from floor height. It also provides you with a stool that is mobile and can be moved around all sorts of different locations. The castors fitted beneath the step make it easy to be “kicked” and moved, hence their straight to the point name. The rubber base and spring-loaded castors prevent the step stool from slipping on almost any surface when you are reaching heights.

Where can a Kick Step Stool?

They are famous within the retail industry and used in almost all supermarkets across the country. Proved as an essential tool for stacking shelves and completing stock take tasks. The main purpose of the Kick Step Stool is to keep staff safe when they are accessing heights. Reading product dates, updating stock or simply reaching the back of deep-set racking shelves makes these steps crucial for any space. Its compact size makes it easy to store without cluttering making it also ideal to use in a busy office. High filing cabinets or small storage cupboards in the workplace is almost impossible to reach with traditional ladders because they need room to open, the kick step stool can be rolled in and out of position and not take up too much space.

Choose from our range of plastic round steps and steel kick steps suitable for small areas with limited access.

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