Step Trolleys

The perfect solution for stock picking and putting away in stores, warehouse, office and libraries. Above all, our products are strong and robust and suited to all environments industrial and commercial.

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Step Ladder Safety Checklist

The Step trolleys are a perfect addition to any office, warehouse, library, school or healthcare setting as they offer safety when transporting, stacking and picking from low-level shelves. The HSE guidelines for a step ladder safety checklist includes knowing when to use the most suitable equipment by assessing the risk factors involved in the tasks.

• Take into consideration what you are picking and packing

• Ensure you have enough room to manoeuvre between

• Consider the height of the shelf or cabinet you are accessing

For items stored on racking similar to our value shelves, we would recommend the Heavy duty 5 step tray trolley, this is suitable for warehouses, office, retail cupboards and libraries. For healthcare settings, the medium to heavy duty 3 steps 2 tier tray trolley is the ideal solution when collecting and dispensing from cabinets.