The step stools range is perfect for small areas around the home or office that a traditional mobile step and ladder can’t reach. The ergonomic design of the range including folding stools, safety steps and stable steps, are above all they are lightweight, easy to store away and the ultimate space saver.

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Basic Safety

Health and Safety in the workplace aren’t what it use to be, in today’s workplace is safe and accessing equipment is straightforward, cost-effective and saves time; whilst eliminating risk. Managing the safety follows the same principle regardless of it is in a warehouse, factory, retail store or a busy office.

Hop up steps provide all environments of the workplace with the ability to control and minimise risk to increase safety for the user. It is impossible to remove risk completely, however, our range of access hop up steps are the perfect help tool for the workplace. Making the right choice for a piece of access equipment is simple when you consider what the task involves, from simply needing a stable step that is secure so you can access files on a shelf. To the Horizon HopUp, which is ideal for quick general maintenance when you are limited on space. For tasks that may require you being elevated for a longer amount of time, the Little Giant Safety Step is a perfect match. As it’s simple design includes an aluminium folding safety bar with integrated tool tray, giving you the ability to stabilise yourself and store equipment whilst you carry out your task.

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