Our noticeboards are suitable for all commercial settings and will display or announce information clearly, safely and neatly. Available in different sizes and styles, including aluminium frame, showcase, tamper proof, wall mounted, free-standing, landscape and portrait, you will find a noticeboard for your premises.

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Step and Store’s range of Noticeboards provide an ideal solution for the storage, organization and presentation of your work - in both a private or public space. It’s efficient display method always allows for important information to be quickly updated. While the board itself can easily change position to suit any space.

The Benefits

Don’t lose your work in piles of paper, as Step and Store’s noticeboards offer a flexible solution that allows you to easily rearrange and keep track of your work. While the interactive design of our boards creates further engagement, changing the way in which you communicate to others and allowing you to express more creativity in the workplace.

Noticeboard Uses

Our range of noticeboards are ideal for schools, offices, hospitals and even the home - any indoor premises that require an efficient way to organise and present your work.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Noticeboards can fit any requirement.

Tailor to your preferences, as Step and Store’s range of noticeboards come equipped with 30 pins to help you from the very start to place all your work in all the desired places.

Navigate a range of environments with the easy transportation of our noticeboards. All built with an aluminum frame that allows our boards to be lightweight alongside being strong and flexible. While also changing the boards orientation, a quick change from landscape to portrait to help fit the right space.

Engage with your work, as Step and Store’s Noticebaords allow you to fully interact and customise how you store, organise and present your work. Engage more with those around you by changing the way you communicate and adding a little creativity to your office.


Can they be both portrait and landscape?

Yes, our Cork Noticeboards and Coloured Noticeboards can be wall mounted in both portrait and landscape.

What materials are used?

Step and Store’s noticeboards are available in cork and porous board with a woven fabric surface, all supplied with an aluminium frame.

What colours are available?

Our range of Coloured Noticeboards are available in grey, blue and black.

Are pins supplied with the noticeboards?

Yes, 30 pins are supplied as well as fixings for wall mountings.