Grit Spreaders

Unpredictable weather can affect businesses that are not prepared, stay one step ahead of the elements with grit spreading. Spreading grit in areas that receive high traffic can reduce the risk of slips or falls during the winter weather.

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Winter Spreaders

With the fall in temperature comes snow, ice and freezing rain. Which can make accessing your building challenging not only for staff and customers, but it can also impact on goods coming in and out. With slippery conditions on paths, driveways, playgrounds, car parks, forecourts and industrial yards, having a rock salt, grit or de-icer spreader onsite will help to reduce the health and safety risks.

Our wide range of walk behind push salt spreaders, towable grit spreaders, mounted spreaders and drop spreaders, are able to cover large areas in a shorter amount of time. They are robust, durable and versatile and can be used all year round as a lawn spreader for grass seeds, grain and fertiliser.

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