Clearing snow from small areas is quick and easy when you have the right tools. Making snow shovels the ideal investment as they are designed to be effective and easy to store. Keep your business operational this season with our winter product shovel range.

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Snow Flakes and Pathways

Ice and Snow can cause slips and trips and are often easy to tackle with the right tools. Our range of hand snow shovels is the perfect solution when clearing a small area. Our 2 part hand shovel and rigid hand shovel partners with any grit bins and can often be separated and stored inside for quick and easy access. The Polyshovel is great for clearing doorways, walkways and drives keeping your business accessible to your customers and staff, reducing the risk of slips or falls. Shop our full range including the classic GRP Shovel online today or speak with our winter experts to find a tailored solution plan for you.


For advice on business health and safety responsibility during the winter months check out the HSE guide.