Quick and efficient material handling products, our conveyors are suitable for warehouses, distributors and production centres. With different heights available and handy accessories, such as end stops and connecting hooks, you can suit your conveyor belt to your requirements.

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Step and Store’s range of Conveyors work to create a continuous form of transport. Moving a variety of products of different shapes and sizes from one location to another, while maintaining the same speed.

The Benefits

Keep your workers safe from carrying heavy loads and reduce the risk of damage during transportation. These products offer the uninterrupted ability to load and unload continuously, even across different levels. Cost-effective, low maintenance and long lasting.

Conveyor Uses

Our Conveyors have a multitude of uses; ideal for warehouses, distributors and production centres for a range of different sized items.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Conveyors can assist with any requirement.

Save Space with Step and Store’s Skate Wheel Conveyor, made to be incredibly compact when folded. Less energy is needed to turn the wheels as they turn independently and is ideal for lighter, flat bottomed objects that can even be wider than the conveyor when placed correctly.

Handle a wide range of items with our Roller Conveyor. Ideal for medium to heavy loads, from bulkier shapes and sizes - such as drums & pallets. The rollers are easily removed and replaced, while the conveyors design to use gravity to help move products makes them fast and cost-effective.


What is the difference between Skate Wheels and Roller Wheels?

Ideal for lighter products, our Skate Wheel Conveyor uses multiple wheels on shafts attached to a conveyor frame.

Our Roller Wheel Conveyor utilises free spinning rollers to transport heavier loads and are easier to remove and replace.

How much weight can they carry?

Step and Store’s Skate Wheel can carry up to a maximum of 100kg per meter. Our Roller Wheel Conveyor can carry up to a maximum of 125kg per meter.

What material are they made of?

All metal parts of Step and Store’s Conveyor range are zinc plated.

How many heights are available?

Step and Store’s Conveyor range comes with three different heights.

Are telescopic legs included?

Yes, both of our Conveyors included telescopic legs, allowing you to alter the conveyors height.