System 'D' Drawer Cabinets

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System 'D' Drawer Cabinets

Step and Store’s range of System ‘D’ Drawer Cabinets utilise a rear retaining lip that allows the drawer to be held within the unit while being accessed. We deliver a range of options in cabinet dimensions, drawer size/quantity and colours to help find you the best storage solution.

The Benefits

Reduce fuss with the clever design of Step and Store’s System ‘D’ Drawer Cabinets that allow you to quickly view or access your contents without accidentally pulling out the drawer. Creating an organised and efficient system for storing smaller items.

System ‘D’ Drawer Uses

Our range of System ‘D’ Drawer Cabinets have a multitude of uses; suitable for shops, workshops, schools and offices.

Our Range

Step and Store’s System ‘D’ Drawer Cabinets can fit any requirement.

Have versatility with Step and Store’s 32 Drawer Combination Cabinet, with up to three different sized drawers and 32 in total to house a range of items. Including optional twin doors for added protection.

Maximise your storage space with our impressive 90 Drawer Cabinet, which offers compartments of equal size and at 1600mm high. Or access our deeper drawer units for larger items, with our 8, 20 and 28 Drawer Cabinets.

Create even more organisation within your storage unit as Step and Store provide drawer dividers suitable for the further separation of stock. With additional packs of dividers also available.


How material are they made of?

A steel construction throughout makes up Step and Store’s range of cabinets.

What are their dimensions?

All cabinets are 902mm wide and offer two depths of 334 and 488m, alongside a range of different heights.

What colours are available?

Our range of System D Drawer Cabinets are available in blue, green, red, yellow and grey.

Are there any optional extras available?

Yes, extra packs of drawers and dividers are available.