High Visibility Workwear

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High Visibility Workwear

Step and Store’s range of High Visibility Workwear maximises a person's visibility in outdoor, dark and high traffic areas, with strategically placed reflective strips to increase their luminosity. We offer a variety of different clothing types such as jackets, shirts and trousers.

The Benefits

Vital in keeping any worker safe in poor weather conditions by increasing their visibility; helping emergency workers, first responders or other on-site staff be more identifiable to both the public and to each other. Step and Store’s range also works to combat the heat and cold with materials designed to be breathable or to lock-in warmth.

High Visibility Workwear Uses

Our range of High Visibility Workwear has a multitude of uses; ideal for emergency workers, the transport and construction industries. Any individual that requires high visibility clothing for outdoor and night time activities.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse range of High Visibility Workwear can fit any requirement.

Protect against the cold and rain with our range of Jackets, our Bomber, Two-Tone and High Visibility Reflective Jackets are 100% waterproof with quilted linings for extra comfort. Our products are complete with outer/inner pockets, reflective strips and foldable, easily concealed hoods.

Adapt to the heat with Steps and Store’s High Visibility T-Shirt and Over Trousers - lightweight, sturdy, breathable and built with pockets. The 100% Bird Eye Polyester of our T-Shirt is made for maximum comfort and durability, ideal for heavy-duty work.

Combine functionality with style as Step and Store’s High Visibility Polo is the perfect solution for everyday wear. It’s stitched knit polyester fabric is both lightweight and flexible, all the while keeping you warm - complete with a smart navy blue collar and cuffs.


What sizes are available?

Step and Store offer a variety of sizes with our Workwear, ranging from S - XXXL.

What materials are they made out of?

Our high-quality materials are designed to keep you dry, warm or cool in tough conditions.

Waterproof, PVC coated, stitched knit and 100% bird eye polyester variations, with quilt or nylon linings.

What does EN 471 and EN 343 mean?

EN 471 and EN 343 are the European standards for high visibility clothing and protective clothing respectively. This ensures that Step and Store’s workwear conforms to the highest of standards.