With different platform sizes and weight capacities, our trailers use turntable technology for easy operation.

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Step and Store’s range of Trailers work by using a flat platform with optional sides to create an easy to use, secure and versatile form of transportation for all kinds of different materials. Focusing on efficient steering methods to provide the user with more accuracy when navigating a variety of layouts throughout the workplace.

The Benefits

Simple in design yet with the ability to switch up it’s structure. Our trailers find the perfect balance between stability and flexibility - increasing productivity as every load can be catered for. Ensure a quick, easy and durable form of transport is available with Step and Store’s range of trailers.

Trailer Uses

Our Trailers range has a multitude of uses; ideal in-plant use, rural areas and a variety of industrial environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Trailers can fit any requirement.

Discover innovative steering with Step and Store’s towing trailers, with good solo maneuvering of our Turntable Steering or greater accuracy when steering with our Double Ackerman option. Ideal for in-plant operation, both trailers can reach a maximum speed of 5mp.

Tailor to your needs with our Turntable range of either Mesh, Tubular or Drop Down sides. With loop handle and parking brake extras available on request, these trailers also have completely removable sides.

Take on a range of environments with Step and Store’s Single Ackerman Trailer. Heavy duty in design and fitted with powerful 330 wheels; with a foldable tailgate, removable sides and an optional and removable canvas lining. This trailer is ideal for both garden and industrial and is supplied flat for easy on-site assembly.

Access a range of deck materials with our Trader Truck Hand Turntable Trailers, with MDF and Steel options available. Or increase stability with the sleek black textured, anti-slip phenolic surface of Step and Store’s Phenolic Turntable Trailer.


What is Ackerman Steering?

Ackerman steering is a steering geometry that uses linkages which allows for a common rotation centre for the front and back wheels. Solving the problem of wheels slipping sideways when following a curved path and thereby maximising stability.

This innovative steering is found within our Double Ackerman Steering Heavy Duty Towing Trailer, Heavy Duty Turntable Trailer and Single Ackerman Trailer with Folding Sides.

What is turntable steering?

Turntable Steering utilises a towing element that creates two steering pivots - in turn this makes the trailer highly maneuverable with tight turning circles. This type of steering is available within the majority of our range.

How much weight can they hold?

Up to 1000kg capacity if available for most of our Trailers. With our Heavy Duty range capable of holding up to 1-3 tonnes of weight.

Can trailer sides be optional?

Optional sides, removable and foldable sides are available with most of our Trailer range.

What colours are available?

A red epoxy finish is available for our Trader Truck Hand Turntable Trailers and Phenolic Turntable Trailers.

While our selection of Turntable Trailers with either Mesh, Tubular or Drop Down sides comes in a blue epoxy chassis with yellow epoxy sides.

A blue epoxy finish with a plywood decking make up our range of Heavy Duty Trailers.