Our trolleys come in a range of styles for different purposes and are ideal for a range of applications in many workplaces including offices, workshops, schools, and libraries.

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Step and Store’s range of Trolleys, also known as hand carts offer many upgrades on the classic four wheeled product. Their simple, lightweight and easy to use design makes them the go-to for moving a variety of objects in the workplace.

The Benefits

Not only are Trolleys designed to reduce injury and improve productivity by decreasing the need to bend over. Step and Store’s trolley range offers a wide variety that you can utilise within any workplace. From gaining the necessary height, working in tough environments or even specialised industries.

Trolley Uses

Our range of Trolleys have a multitude of uses; ideal for offices, schools, workshops, libraries and catering. Any indoor premises that require quick, easy and discrete transportation.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Trolleys can assist with a wide range of requirements.

Discover flexibility with removable and reversible trays. Shaped to be flat, enclosed, lipped and open; with two or three tiers. Tailored to meet your exact needs.

Enjoy money saving options with Step and Store’s Budget Aluminium Platform Trolley or our best selling range of Low Cost Tray Trolleys.

Navigate a range of environments with our Utility Tray Trolleys - unique, robust and designed for any industry, from warehouses to catering and even general everyday use.

Save space with our Folding Flatbed Trolley and narrow Nestable Cash & Carry Trolley. Or enjoy a variety of storage space with Step and Store’s TT160 Trolley Series - which provides cupboards and drawers alongside multi tiers and a lipped surface.


How many trays/tiers are available?

Most of our trolleys allow a choice between two or three trays. Which come in a range of materials alongside being fixed or removable.

We also have a variety of tray types, such as - lipped, flat, empty or enclosed. Step and Store have a trolley available for all storage and transportation needs.

What weights can be held on the trolleys?

Our range of Trolleys are capable of lifting items from 100kg to 500kg. From books and general office items to hard-wearing, warehouse equipment.

What materials do they come in?

Our sack trucks are manufactured using the highest quality of materials - lightweight aluminium, recyclable polyethylene and fully-welded steel.

While our range of trays, which can be fixed or removable - are made from steel, plywood, timber and maximum temperature resistant plastic.

Can they be used in the catering industry?

Yes. Both our Utility Tray Trolleys and Two & Three Tier Trolleys are ideal for catering environments through their strong, lightweight and easily wiped down design.

What types of wheels do they use?

Our Trolleys are manufactured using thermoplastic rubber and non marking rubber tyres for discretion in indoor premises.

What are Picking Trolleys?

Picking Trolleys, also called Step Tray Trolleys are ideal for stock picking and putting away in stores with it’s added steps. See the video below and discover it’s range of features such as it’s removable trays, easy maneuverability and stability when in use.