Sack Trucks

Our robustly constructed sack trucks suit a multitude of uses in warehouses, offices, schools, stores and more. Our range comprises folding, heavy-duty, aluminium, budget trucks and more.

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Sack Trucks

Step and Store’s range of Sack Trucks, also known as hand trucks, sack barrows and two wheelers utilise an L-shape design to help move heavy objects. It’s handy ledge and tilt feature allows for easy handling, being able to lift and maneuver items flat on the floor by moving the ledge underneath, tilting back the sack truck and wheeling the object safely.

The Benefits

A smarter, easier and safer way to transport a range of objects. From small parcels, curved, heavy and bulky loads. Step and Store’s range can find you the perfect fit - working on rough terrain, space saving options and even self supporting.

Sack Truck Uses

Our range of Sack Trucks have a multitude of uses; ideal for warehouses, offices, schools and stores. Any premises that require easy transport of heavy and bulky items.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Sack Trucks can assist with any requirement.

Save space with our range of folding Sack Trucks. With the Folding Box Trolley - folds flat and extends in seconds. Or our collection of Telescopic Folding Sack Trucks - telescopic handles, folding footplate and a lightweight, durable aluminium frame.

Enjoy versatility with Step and Store’s Dual Purpose Sack Truck - serves as both a sack truck and platform trolley.

Navigate a range of environments with Step and Store’s Rough Terrain Sack Truck or our selection of Stairclimbers. While our Stainless Steel Sack Truck - ideal for the food and drink industry.

Discover our innovative new product, the Painless Sack Truck. The world's first and only self-supporting sack truck that allows for safer and smarter work.


What materials do they come in?

Our sack trucks are manufactured using stainless steel, solid steel, and lightweight aluminium. All materials are fully tested and built to last as long as possible.

What weights can be held on the sack trucks?

Build with quality materials such as lightweight aluminium and solid steel. Our range of Sack Trucks are capable of lifting items from 35kg to 400kg. Several of our products are available in a range of sizes such as the Sack Truck with Fixed Toe and Folding Toe, allowing you to find the ideal capacity.

Can they fold?

Yes. Step and Store’s range has a variety of options that help save space. Providing compact storage and easy transport. Choose from our selection of Sack Trucks with a folding toe plate, folding handles or those that fold into multiple purposes. Our lightweight Folding Box Trolley even folds flat.

What types of wheels do they use?

Our sack trucks are manufactured using solid rubber, pneumatic, smooth plastic and rubber cushion. Designed to make transport as smooth and comfortable as possible.

While our selection of Stairclimbers utilise a clever star wheel system to make easy work of any set of stairs.

What types of handles are there?

A variety of handles are available with Step and Store’s range of Sack Trucks. From Protective hand grips - fitted to all trucks without loop handles. Telescopic - to help save space. Hands free, P-shaped for one handed steering and Loop Handles for handling at all angles.

Are the 3 way sack trucks easy to use?

Yes. Follow the simple step-by-step tutorial below and see for yourself how easy it is to use our innovative Painless Self-supporting Sack Truck.