Whatever your storage requirements, our plastic, steel and hazardous cabinets are designed for durability, reliability and tough environments.

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Step and Store’s range of Cabinets deliver a variety of ways to store, display and protect items of different sizes and properties. From workwear, industrial equipment, hazardous materials and small parts.

The Benefits

Personalise your storage system both inside and out with Step and Store’s range of cabinets. Our cabinets work to suit your exact needs, offering specialized structures for equally specialized products, with a focus on creating durable, long lasting and low maintenance store solutions.

Cabinet Uses

Our range of Cabinets have a multitude of uses; suitable for offices, schools, warehouses, laboratories. Any preemies that require specialised storage solutions.

Our Range

Step and Store’s wide range of Cabinets can fit any requirement.

Tailor to your needs with Step and Store’s Euro Cabinet System - available as pre-selected combinations or create your own ideal layout. With drawers, cupboards, louvre panels, cubbyholes and even a hazardous material unit as an option.

Improve efficiency when organising and accessing your items with our Steel Bin and System D Drawer Cabinets. Perfect for storing and accessing large quantities of smaller items all at once with their compact column and rows structure - ideal for picking systems for warehouses.

Prioritise health and safety with Step and Store’s Hazardous Cabinets - specifically designed to store and protect against hazardous materials including pesticides, chemicals, acids and flammable liquids, with built in sumps for spillage and ventilation for fumes. Additional identification labelling is also available for further protection and communication.

Get access to more unique features with our range of Storage Cabinets. With hanging racks and multi shelf heights ideal for storing workwear and equipment. Or it’s use of polycarbonate and mesh door structures that create a balance between product visibility and high-level security.


What types of cabinets are there?

Step and store Cabinet range offers wall, floor, mobile, open and closed cabinet types. Including different storage options such as drawers, cupboards, hanging racks, tool hooks and cubby holes.

What types of material are they made from?

A strong steel construction makes up our entire range of cabinets - ideal for creating durable and long lasting storage solutions.

Do the cabinets come with doors?

We offer options for doors, no doors and optional doors with our Cabinet range to either prioritise space or additional protection.

Can they be locked?

Yes, locks and keys are provided with all our cabinets that come with doors to give you the necessary security.

Are colour options available?

Yes, all of our cabinet ranges offer multiple colour options.