Drum Storage

A variety of drum sumps and pallets that safely store drums containing hazardous materials, reducing the risk of damage and spillages from hazardous materials, such as chemicals or oil.

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Drum Storage

Step and Store’s Drum Storage Equipment is vital for keeping your drums secure. With their range including stands, frames, sumps and trolley dispensers. All capable of fitting together in one versatile system that creates a place to store, drain and even transport your drums. For safe transportation of drums - (click here).

The Benefits

Have confidence in knowing your drums are safe and secure with Step and Store’s Drum Storage Equipment. Our range of products find new ways to save you space through stacking and the ability to combine our products. Creating you a system that is easy and simple to use with added maneuverability and dispensing capabilities.

Drum Storage Uses

Our Drum Storage equipment has a multitude of uses; ideal for transporting and draining a variety of drums in warehouse or factory environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Drum Storage Equipment can fit any requirement.

Get more for your money with Step and Store’s Vertical Drum Sumps. Always designed to hold more than the drum itself, capable of storing up to 125% of the drum’s contents. Welded to be liquid tight and supplied with a drain plug and fork locations. All while being easy to combine with our selection of Drum Stands.

Look after the environment with Step and Store’s Drum Sump Storage System. Made to the highest quality and designed to assist conformance with Environmental Duties of Care and Oil Storage Regulations (England) 2001.

Transform your Drum Storage Units with Step and Store’s range of accessories. Add a handy Brake Option to our Mobile Drum Sump Trolley/Dispenser. You can fully equip our Stacking Drum Pallet Racking System with Drum Rotating Sets, Dispenser Stand and Retaining Bars for extra stability.


Can Step and Store’s Drum Sump Storage System fit together?

Yes, utilise them together or their own. Each of our Drum Stands & Frames are designed to fit over our selection of Drum Sumps.

Pairing our Horizontal Drum Stand with our 4 Vertical Drum Sump.

Our 1 Drum Rotation Frame with our 2 Vertical Drum Sump.

With Step and Store’s Drum Rotation Frame working with our Mobile Drum Sump Trolley/Dispenser.

What litre capacity can Step and Store’s Drum Sumps hold?

Our range of Drum Sumps have a capacity of up to 250 litres. With our Vertical Drum Sump for 4 Drums able to hold up to an impressive 470 litres.

How many drums can the Stacking Drum Pallet Racking System hold?

Designed as expandable storage, each pallet unit can hold up to 2 drums each and is stackable up to 3 units high. Providing a total of up to 12 drums for storage.