Drum Handling

Drums often contain hazardous materials. Lift, move, stand, tilt and turn your drums safely and with ease with our robust drum handling equipment.

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Drum Handling

Step and Store’s Drum Handling Equipment is a must have for efficiency and safety. With their range including trolleys, dollies, mobile & static stands and drum clamps. Making sure that you have the right fit for your handling purposes. For safe Drum Storage options - (click here).

The Benefits

Always put safety at the forefront with Step and Store’s Drum Handling Equipment. Our vast range of products are made to be lightweight, versatile, durable and compliant with all safety standards. Allowing ease of movement and storage across different industries with the utmost confidence.

Drum Handling Uses

Our Drum Handling equipment has a multitude of uses; ideal for moving, storing and dispensing a range of different types of drums in warehouse or factory environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Drum Handling Equipment can fit any requirement.

Discover ease of movement with our Pallet Loading Drum Trucks. The ideal solution for handling drums over elevated surfaces with their sliding retention drum clamp and rubber cushion four wheeled design the Twin Loop Handles allow for a more comfortable and safer grip.

Uphold high standards with our Drum Rotator and Drum Claw, both supplied with test certificates, evidence of Step and Store’s commitment for supplying high quality handling equipment that strives to deliver safe and successful lifting operations.

Providing flexibility with our drum lifting equipment, such as our Complete Mobile Drum Stands, designed with a tilt lever and drum rotation rollers for easy handling. While our Drum Rotator can rotate fully at 360°. Try out Step and Store’s Drum Trolley and Pouring Stand - perfect for drum transport and dispensing.

Transform your Drum Stands with Step and Store’s range of accessories, such as our Hook on Drip Tray, vital for catching any stray chemical spillage. While our Tilt Lever is perfect for adding extra movement and improving ease of use.


What types of drums can they hold?

Most of Step and Store’s range such as the Complete Mobile Drum Stand or our Pallet Loading Drum Trucks are designed to hold 210 litre steel drums. Whereas our 210 Litre Drum Clamp is ideal for mauser style plastic drums and drums with rolling hoops. While true to its name our Universal Drum Truck is suitable for steel, plastic and fibre drums, all secured with a quick release strap.

Are different diameters available for the Drum Dollies?

Step and Store offer a choice of 6 Drum Dollies in a range of shapes and sizes, with diameters ranging from 610mm to 450mm.

What is a T Bar clamp?

Shaped like a T, this clamp is designed with a wider and flatter top which provides greater support and a robust structure, ideal for use on heavier & larger items. This clever clamp is utilised throughout our Drum Lifting range, making them highly secured and reliable.

What materials are they made out of?

Stainless, mild with flat or tube welded steel make up most of our drums. With specified steel braces informs Step and Store’s Stainless Steel and Circular Drum Dollies. While our Pallet Loading Drum Trucks are available in either blue epoxy or zinc plated, ideal for protection against corrosion.