Cylinder Storage

Our wall racks, floor stands and cages ensure that gas cylinders are stored safely and to the latest health & safety standards.

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Cylinder Storage

Step and Store’s range of Cylinder Storage helps to safely secure a wide range of cylinders for different sizes and contents, from floor and wall racks to pallets and cages. Be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. For safe transportation of cylinders - (click here).

The Benefits

Safety is paramount when it comes to correct cylinder storage. Step and Store’s range has an option to suit any area. More importantly, our range offers plenty of ventilation, a necessary feature that prevents any accumulation of leaked gas.

Cylinder Storage Uses

Our Cylinder Storage options have a multitude of uses; able to store a variety of different sized cylinders even within one container. Ideal for hospitals, medical centres, warehouses, industrial sites and any premises that require cylinder storage.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Cylinder Storage can assist with any requirement.

Enjoy versatility with Step and Store’s wide range of Cylinder Storage options. From the ability to store and transport with our Storage Cages to our Storage/Transport Pallet that allow you to store cylinders of varying size, even at the same time.

Feel secure when storing your cylinders with the strong steel retention chains of our Heavy Duty Cylinder Wall Racks. Step and Store’s Cylinder Storage Racks utilise a robust rubber ring to protect cylinders from damage.

Save space with our Cylinder Storage Racks - with up to nine available cylinder slots within a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also make use of wall space with our Economy Cylinder Wall Racks, storage for up to three cylinders.


What materials do they come in?

Step and Store’s Storage pallet and cages are manufactured from strong box section supports - a structural, hollow steel that helps keep the product lightweight. Our range of wall racks and floor fixings utilise plated steel link retention chains.

How many cylinders can be stored at once?

Step and Store offers a wide range of Cylinder Storage solutions. With up to nine 140 diameter cylinders can be held in our range Cylinder Storage Racks. Our Cylinder Storage Cages can hold up to 8 Propane & 16 Calor cylinders all at once. A variety of different sized cylinders can be held in our Storage Pallet.

What colours are available?

Our range of Storage Cylinders are available in stainless steel, blue or light grey epoxy.

What types of storage options are there?

Step and Store’s Cylinder Storage range can meet a any requirement and is available as:

Floor Stands
Floor Fixings
Floor Racks
Wall Racks
Storage Cages
Storage/Transport Pallet

Our Storage Cages and Pallet also provide the dual purpose of storage alongside transport with a static or mobile option.