Line Marking

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Line Marking

Step and Store’s Line Marking range allows for efficient yet long-term marking of specific areas. A way to highlight health and safety, label or group sections that point you in the right direction. Make use of tape, paint and chalk with our range, designed to adhere to almost any surface both indoor and out.

The Benefits

Improve visibility and maintain organisation with Step and Store’s Line Marking Range. A practical solution for highlighting important areas that can be added quickly so as not to disrupt any workflow. A durable solution that can take the endless impact from a busy area and provide simple and easily repeated communications across the workplace.

Line Marking Uses

Our Line Marking range has a multitude of uses; suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for warehouses, factories and offices. Any premises that require specific areas to be highlighted.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Line Marking equipment can fit any requirement.

Discover the versatility of Step and Store’s Line Marking range. From making marks through tape, paint, chalk, spray paint and even letters & numbers. We have the solution for your line marking needs.

Uphold health and safety with Step and Store’s Anti-Slip Tape. Chemical and oil resistant with a strong self-adhesive backing makes them ideal for outdoor use. Capable of promoting safety on steps, ramps and slopes.

Stay alert with the wide variety of colours available in our Line Marking range Our Line Marking Tape also offers colour combinations such as red/white, green/white and yellow/black.


What widths do they come in?

50 to 150mm widths are available with our Line Marking and Anti-Slip Tape options.

What kinds of Line Paint Applicators are there?

Step and Store’s range of Line Paint Applicators include three different types:

HANDliner - for hand use only
PROliner - for 50mm to 75mm lines
ROADliner - for 100mm to 130mm lines

Does the Line Marking Chalk Guide have a refill option?

Yes, there is no waste with Step and Store’s Line Marking Chalk Guide, a handy refill is available.

What colours are available?

Our Line Marking Tape comes in a variety of colours,: white, yellow, blue, red, green and orange. Including dual colour options: red/white, yellow/black, and green/white.

Step and Store’s Line Marking Paint is available in white yellow, orange, red, green, blue, grey and black.