Furniture Movers

Designed for heavy and bulky items. Ideal for lifting, removal, maintenance and installation furniture movers with a weight capacity up to 1800 kg. With manual and hydraulic options, moving furniture has never been easier.

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Furniture Movers

Step and Store’s range of Furniture Movers consist of two transport units whose foot plates come together to provide a surface to lift, remove or install heavy and bulky items. Our range includes both manual and hydraulic options.

The Benefits

Transport heavy items such as furniture with ease as Step and Store’s Furniture Movers prioritise control, comfort and durability to provide a highly specialised tool that keeps you and your workers safe.

Furniture Movers Uses

Our Furniture Movers have a multitude of uses; suitable for any premises or business that's in need of transporting heavy and bulky items.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Sack Trucks can assist with any requirement.

Keep in control with our Hydraulic Furniture & Equipment Mover Sets - built with a loop steering handle for direct, all-round and comfortable control. Also equipped with 5 meter long securing load straps for high quality containment.

Maintain safety while going manual with Step and Store’s Furniture & Appliance Mover Set. Designed with a spindle winch and safety top alongside polyurethane wheels - ideal for shock absorption.


How much weight can they hold?

Our Furniture & Appliance Mover Set has a total capacity of 600kg. While our Hydraulic Furniture & Equipment Mover Sets can hold an impressive 1800kg of weight.

What is the raised height?

Our Hydraulic mover sets have a raised height of 346mm. With a 410mm raised height for our Furniture & Appliance Mover Set.

What toeplate thickness do they have?

Both products have a 7mm toe plate thickness.

What colours are available?

Our furniture movers both come in a red epoxy finish.