Cylinder Handling

Specialist trucks, trolleys, lifts, cradles and pallets to ensure safe transportation of gas cylinders carrying potentially hazardous substances.

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Cylinder Handling

Step and Store’s range of Cylinder Handling provides a variety of safe transportation products for different types of cylinders. From trucks and trolleys to lifting cradles, Step and Store’s range are manufactured from high-quality materials - prioritising your safety and comfort. For safe Cylinder Storage options - (click here).

The Benefits

Utilise trucks and trolleys for your Cylinder Handling purposes. A form of transport designed to reduce injury and increase productivity. With Step and Store’s clever retention chain design, securing and removing cylinders has never been easier.

Cylinder Handling Uses

Our Cylinder Storage options have a multitude of uses; ideal for hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, industrial sites and factories.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Cylinder Handing can assist with any requirement.

Transport with ease as Step and Store’s Cylinder Handling range strives for comfort with the Tall Cylinder Support Trucks - designed to carry loads on a three wheel base, which in turn reduces operator fatigue and risk. The twin handles of our Propane and Calor Cylinder Trucks are fitted with protective hand grips for your safety.

Enjoy versatility with Step and Store’s Cylinder Lifting Trolleys - a combined cylinder trolley and lifting cradle. Providing you with more ways to transport your cylinders. Tested to 100% overload and of course, with the test certificate supplied.

Discover innovative design with our Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys, built with protective rotating buffers or make use of the robust yet easy to secure retention chains of our Cylinder Lifting Trolley. We also provide the clever rubber cursing deck, a part of Step and Store’s Small Cylinder Trolley.


What materials are they made with?

Step and Store’s Storage Cylinder Lifting Trolley is manufactured using a high quality splayed tubular framework with formed sheet steel toe plate. Products such as our Welders Trolley and Cylinder Lifting Trolley utilise steel link retaining chains for securing.

How many cylinders can be stored at once?

Our Small Cylinder Trolley is capable of holding up to 12 size D or E oxygen cylinders. Our Welder’s Trolley has the dual purpose of transporting 1 Oxygen cylinder and 1 Acetylene cylinder. Different sized cylinders can be transported with Step and Store’s Tandem Cylinder Trolley and Cylinder Lifting Trolley.

What types of Cylinders can be transported?

Step and Store’s offer a range of transport solutions for Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane and Calor cylinders. We also offer options supporting a range of different diameter cylinders.

What colours are available?

Our range of Storage Cylinders are available in a red, blue or a smart grey epoxy finish.