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Pallet Boxes & Cages

Step and Store’s range of Pallet Boxes & Cages utilise a robust and stackable design that makes them the ideal choice for quick, easy and assured transportation of heavy and bulky items. While our range of Security Cages provide immediate and efficient protection of critical areas around your premises.

The Benefits

The ultimate space saver when storing and transporting goods. Step and Store’s range of Pallet Boxes & Cages are designed to stack even when in use with forklifts and pallet trucks. Their robust design provides vast protection against harmful rays and extreme temperatures. Options are key with our range of security cages - quick and easy to construct with bespoke options available.

Pallet Boxes & Cages Uses

Our Pallet Boxes & Cages range can fit any requirement; ideal for transporting and storing a range of materials, from liquid to plastic & timber pallets. While our Security Cages are suitable for offices, storage areas and factories.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Pallet Boxes & Cages can fit any requirement.

Discover options with our range of Security Cages. Manufactured with an integrated single skin system that provides a wide range of aesthetic and engineering options. With bespoke configurations available, all while being quick and easy to construct.

Save space as Step and Store’s range of fully collapsible Pallet Boxes & Cages. With our Pallet Containers and Retention Cages folding flat. While our Pallet Boxes are designed to stack in multiple ways, and our Collapsible Pallet Boxes go the extra mile by incorporating drop down doors for easy access.

Withstand any environment with Step and Store’s Pallet Boxes. Made with a high density polyethylene they are resistant to infra-red and ultraviolet rays as well as extreme temperatures. All while protecting the environment by being fully recyclable.


Are bespoke security cages available?

Yes, bespoke configurations are available on request, including a sliding door option.

Do security cages have a made to order delivery option?

Step and Store’s Security Cages have a made to order delivery for ground floor only.

What colours are available for Security Cages?

Step and Store’s Security Cages come in a range of stylish colours, including light grey, dark grey, white and sandstone.

What materials are they made out of?

Made of the highest quality, our Pallet Containers and Stackable Retention Cage have a Bright electro zinc plated finish. Whereas our Pallet Boxes are made from a High density polyethylene and are fully recyclable.

Are Euro Sizes available?

Yes, Euro Sizes (1200 x 800mm) are also available for our Collapsible Pallet Boxes.

Do Step and Store’s Pallet Boxes come with lids?

Lids are available on request for Step and Store’s Pallet Boxes.

What capacity can they hold?

Step and Store’s Pallet Boxes & Cages come in a range of different capacities. With our Stackable Retention Cages holding up to 600kg. While our Collapsible Pallet Boxes have a maximum capacity of 900 litres.