Plastic Container Systems

We have an extensive range of plastic container systems, of all kinds and sizes, to allow you to neatly store your items.

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Plastic Container Systems

Step and Store’s range of Plastic Container Systems provide a variety of transport solutions for the distribution of a wide range of goods with trolleys, dollies, trucks and racking systems available. All of which can transport material in bulk, meaning fewer trips and saving time. For Plastic Containers - click here.

The Benefits

Save space and time all while keeping safe with our lightweight and durable Plastic Container Systems. Capable of distributing a variety of materials of all shapes and sizes; Step and Store’s range is purely designed to keep the load off and create an easier and more comfortable way to transport containers.

Plastic Container Systems Uses

Our range of Plastic Container Systems have a multitude of uses; suitable for both indoor and outdoor premises that require easy and quick transportation of materials with food-grade options ideal for the food and drinks industry.

Our Range

Step and Store’s wide selection of Plastic Container Systems can fit any requirement.

Transport a range of materials from clothes with our smooth interior, snag-free Plastic Container Trucks, glass with our Bottle Skips or catering and medical industry products with our food-grade polypropylene options - non-toxic, hygienic and temperature resistant.

Have versatility with Step and Store’s Container Shelf Trolleys - designed to hold both euro containers and open fronted stock boxes. Find the perfect shelf height with our fully Adjustable Tray Rack, which offers up to 60 possible runner positions or simply get in touch with us for custom Mobile Tray Racks that suit your specific containers.

True to their name, our Store and Distribution Tray Trolleys offer a sleek and lightweight way to hold and transport a wide range of goods. An additional top tray also provides a place to work or hold additional items and can even be used to show-off certain products - with ribbed rubber and flush sheet options available.

Improve grip and comfort with Step and Store’s loop handle detailing, a part of the entirety of our range. Providing smooth, all-round grip to our Mobile Tray Racks, Store and Distribution Trolleys, Plastic Container Trucks and Multi-Trip Container Trolleys.


What materials are they made from?

Different forms of Polypropylene make up the majority of our Plastic Container Systems - a strong yet flexible material that is highly resistant to corrosive entities. Our range of Euro Containers & Mobile Tapered Trucks offer high density food grade variations. Welded steel construction makes up our range of Mobile Tray Racks.

How much capacity can they hold?

Our range of Mobile Tray Racks have a maximum capacity of 200kg. Our Euro Trolley is capable of transporting up to 350kg, and our Store & Distribution Trolleys can hold up to 150kg.

Up to 455 litres can be held with our Mobile Tapered Trucks, and 360 litres for our Plastic Container Trucks.

Are Euro sizes available?

Yes, Step and Store’s Euro Containers are available with our Mobile Tray Racks, Trolleys and Dollies.

Are Plastic Containers included?

Step and Store’s Mobile Tray Racks and Distribution Trolleys are supplied complete with containers.

Are any accessories available?

Total Stop Breaks are available as an optional extra for our range of Trolleys and Mobile Tray Racks.

What colours are available?

A variety of colours are available with Step and Store’s Plastic Container Systems. With our range of Mobile Tray Racks made with a red or blue epoxy finish, and our Store and Distribution Trolleys hold red plastic containers under a grey epoxy frame.

Our Mobile Tapered Trucks come in red, blue, yellow, green, natural colours and a recycled black option.