Road & Vehicle Safety

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Road & Vehicle Safety

Step and Store’s range of Road & Vehicle Safety Equipment include traffic calming devices, protection and routing of any road cables, and for the safe transportation of goods onto or between vehicles. All designed to create a safer area around your premises through reducing any road or vehicle accidents.

The Benefits

Protect your staff, customers and vehicles with efficiency, as Step and Store’s Road & Vehicle Safety range provide durable, easy and quick to install equipment. It’s high visibility design keeps customers aware and informed; showcasing the measures taken in keeping your premises safeguarded and organised.

Road & Vehicle Safety Uses

Our range of Road & Vehicle Safety Equipment have a multitude of uses; suitable for warehouses, shops and any business that want to improve vehicle safety around their premises.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Road & Vehicle Safety Equipment can fit any requirement.

Stay safe with the anti-slip technology found within our entire Road & Vehicle Safety range. From the anti-slip tread surfaces of our Dock Plates and Boards or the surface patterns of our Cable Management and Speed Ramps, both designed to provide effective grip.

Keep customers alert with the high visibility colours of our Speed Ramps and Cable Management. Available in black or black & yellow, these necessary combinations are perfect for providing an early visual warning that helps reduce accidents and injuries around your premises.

Have easy maneuverability with Step and Store’s Dock Plates - fitted with lighter plates and comfortable loop handling for all-round grip. While our Dock Boards include optional fork lift handles for easy movement and additionally adjustable spanlocks for further safe operation.


What materials are they made from?

Step and Store’s Dock Plates & Boards are made from a High Tensile Aluminium. A durable rubber construction makes up our Cable Management and Speed ramps.

How much weight can they hold?

Our Dock Plates & Boards can lift up to 3040kg and 5450kg respectively. Our Cable Management is equipped to protect against light traffic up to HGV - 10 tonne axle weight.

Are non-standard sizes also available from Dock Plates & Boards?

Yes, get in touch for non-standard sizes.

How many options are available for Step and Store’s Traffic & Speed Ramps?

Available in 5, 10 and 15mph options.

What colours are available?

High visibility (black and yellow) colours are available for our Cable Management and Speed Ramp products.