Flooring Solutions

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor flooring solutions such as cleats and tiles for offices, schools, and other commercial settings and a variety of options to improve safety and help prevent slipping including COBRAGRIP sheets, stair nosing and stair treads. We can also supply entrance mats, logo mats, protective flooring layers and COBAmat.

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Flooring Solutions

Step and Store’s Flooring Solutions offer a variety of both indoor and outdoor options for carpeting, matting and stairways in a range of colours and sizes. Shop now and we’ll match all your flooring needs.

The Benefits

Add value to your business with Step and Store’s flooring solutions. Our range can keep your premises safe, hygienic and accessible. Create a work environment that’s clean and reduces fatigue. Show a high level of professionalism with a space that is accommodating to all.

Flooring Uses

Our Flooring Solutions range has a multitude of uses; suitable for offices, schools, homes, food industry, factories and warehouses. Any premises that require any form of protective or hygienic flooring.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Flooring Solutions can fit any requirement.

Do your part for the environment with Step and Store’s Enviro-Mat. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and rubber tyres - the sharp plastic actually works to scrape off and then trap the dirt and debris. Making them a valuable asset to your premises entrances.

Stand the test of time with Step and Store’s range of Carpets, with the quick drying and crush resistant qualities of our Entra-Plush. Our non-staining Toughgrip or the UV and fade resistant surface of our Enviro-Mat, and even an 11 year colour loss warranty is available with our bleach/fade resistant Cobawash.

Put workers first with the clever engineering of our workplace matting. The raised bubble surface of Step and Store’s Bubblemat and the underfoot cushioning of our Orthomat both work to stimulate blood circulation and combat fatigue.

Stay safe with Step and Store’s Anti-Slip range - vital in preventing stair-related accidents. While our shock protective Non-Conductive Electrical Matting has been tested to an impressive 15.000 volt, and our Cobacrape is ideal for providing a firm footing in greasy and oily conditions.


What materials do they come in?

Step and Store’s Toughrib and Entra-Plush are both made using 100% polypropylene. While our Cobawash material is a nylon/polyester mix. Or go green with our Enviro-mat - made with 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Our Workplace Matting offers a wide range of specialised materials. With interwoven PVC available with Cobamat products and Entramat. Or try a PVC Foam option with our Fatigue Fighter and Orthomat. 100% Nitrile construction makes up our Cobascrape. While our Electrical Matting utilises a black ribbed rubber.

A Silicone Carbide surface is vital for Step and Store’s Cobagrip Stair Tread. With our Cobagrip Sheets manufactured from 1mm flexible GRP.

Does Step and Store’s range meet safety requirements?

Yes of course, Step and Store’s Anti-slip range meet all DDA requirements. While our Workplace Matting is slip & fire tested to DIN 51130 and BS EN 13501-1.

Are they wheelchair accessible?

Step and Store’s Entramat and Cobscrape are designed with bevelled edges creating a flat ramp structure, making them the ideal solution for wheelchair users.

Are any products machine washable?

Yes, our Cobawash carpet and Cobascrape matting are both machine washable.

What colours are available?

Step and Store’s Flooring Solutions comes in a wide range of colours. With our Carpeting including different shades of blue, brown, grey, charcoal, red and green. Our Bubblemat and Orthomat both offer a black or yellow border and Step and Store’s Cobamat is available in black, blue, red and green.