Hazardous Bins

Steel constructed bins that safely conceal hazardous contents, in different styles, including flat top and sloping tops.

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Hazardous Bins

Step and Store’s range of Hazardous bins promote the safe storage of hazardous materials and waste. They provide a clean, dry, upright and most importantly secure container that helps you and the environment remain clean and healthy.

The Benefits

Create a positive image with Step and Store’s range of Hazardous bins. A product that says you put the environment first and care about your employees safety. Our sloping tops prevent incorrect and lazy storage, while also allowing them to fit into smaller, more awkward spaces. All topped off with a powder coated finish - environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Hazardous Bin Uses

Our range of Hazardous Bins have a multitude of uses; ideal warehouses and factories, any premises that require the safe storage of hazardous materials.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Hazardous Bins can fit any requirement.

Uphold health and safety with Step and Store’s range of Hazardous Bins. Our Flat and Sloping Top Bins include a handy drain plug for removing waste and a warning sticker to help with clear identification.

Durability is key with our Oily Rag Bins, available with or without a removable steel liner. A clever feature that helps to protect the inside of your bin, allowing it to last longer and for you to get your money's worth.

Powder coated in a range of colours such as red or yellow that help your bins be easily identified or preferably have them blend in with a smart grey or white.


What materials are they made out of?

Step and Store’s high Hazardous Bins are manufactured from 14swg and 16swg steel, with a high quality powder coated finish.

Do they come with labelling?

Yes, extra measures for health and safety are provided with Step and Store’s Flat and Sloping Top Hazardous bins. Including a yellow highly flammable sticker with each bin.

Is a liner included?

A removable steel liner can be included with our Oily Rag Bins, a feature that helps to protect the bin interior.

What colours are available?

Our Hazardous Bins both Flat and Sloping Top come in a choice of red, yellow, grey and white. While our Oil Rag Bins have a red powder coated finish.