Sheet & Bar Handling

Fully welded, steel constructed horizontal and vertical racks and trucks for sheets, boards, bars, and tubes.

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Sheet & Bar Handling

Step and Store’s Sheet & Bar Handling take the specific needs of select materials into account. With a focus on creating separate bay areas, these products are designed to prevent materials from colliding with each other - making sure they stay in pristine condition. We offer a hard-wearing range that can both transport and store different materials at the same time.

The Benefits

Reduce bumps and scrapes and increase health and safety when using a piece of equipment that is tailored for specific material types. Step and Store’s range work to get the most space available all while being durable, easily accessible and maintained.

Sheet & Bar Handling Uses Uses

Our range of Sheet & Bar Handling have a multitude of uses; suitable for transporting and storing not only sheets and bars but a range of other materials. For both on-site and in-plant use as well as ull types of industrial environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Sheet & Bar Handling can fit any requirement.

Have flexibility with Step and Store’s Standard Plate Truck - made with removable bars and six different slots so you can tailor each bay to suit your needs. While our Full-Height Sheet Rack is built to store a multitude of different shaped and sized products.

Save space by stacking high with our Horizontal Bar Rack and Stacking Bar Cradles. With a maximum capacity of 1000kg, these free-standing and heavy duty racks are designed with multiple levels to carry a range of different sized bars, tubes, flats and angles.

Withstand a high-impact environment with Step and Store’s Hi-Frame Plate Trucks and Sheet Buggies. Their tubular steel construction makes them resistant to stress and shocks, creating a reliable, longstanding product for both sheet transport and storage.


How much weight can they hold?

Our Sheet & Bar Handling range is capable of holding a range of different weights, with our Stacking Bar Cradle and Horizontal Bar Rack able to hold up to a maximum of 1000kg.

What materials are they made from?

Most of Step and Store’s Sheet & Bar Handling products are made with a steel construction, with a ply platform available with our Standard Plate Truck, Hi-Frame Plate Truck and Sheet Buggies - which also come in ribbed rubber.

What colours do they come in?

Step and Store’s Sheet & Bar Handling range are all available in a blue epoxy finish.