Whether you’re after modular, plastic or power station lockers, Work Gear supply for all sectors including education, construction, leisure, offices and more.

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Step and Store’s range of Lockers are an ideal multi-user storage solution for the safe housing of any item and in any space. Using trusted locks to secure your valuables in all public areas. With quality materials that prevent outer damage and even improve hygiene.

The Benefits

A more secure, private and responsible way of storing your items. From having access to a clever anti-theft design, to making any shared space feel like your own. Step and Store can find you the perfect fit, both inside and out.

Locker Uses

Our range of Lockers have a multitude of uses; ideal for swimming pools, schools, commercial and industrial environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of lockers can fit any requirement.

Withstand tough conditions with Step and Store’s Strong Plastic Lockers - made to be hardwearing, non-corrosive and even anti-theft, with a clever double locking design.

Find the perfect fit with our endless storage solutions. From our Elite School Lockers - specifically designed for children. Or our Garment Lockers - ideal for dispensing workwear and safety equipment. While our Elite Cube Lockers can be bolted to form your own unique stack.

Help the environment with Step and Store’s Elite All White Lockers - made with the special material Abbeysteel™ that reduces the carbon footprint of the products and businesses that use it.

Save space with our selection of Elite Workwear Lockers - an ideal storage solution for accommodating multiple users. Such as our Elite Combi Workwear Locker that provides a diverse selection of storage compartments. Or our Two Person Locker that allows for a shared but private space.


Do they come with a key camlock?

Yes, all of Step and Store’s range of lockers are supplied with a key camlock. While our Strong Plastic Lockers supplied either padlockable or key operated locks.

What materials do they come in?

Step and Store’s range of Elite Lockers are all made from a robust steel construction and topped off with an antibacterial powder coating.

A hard wearing polyethylene protects our Strong Plastic Lockers against rust, corrosion and dents.

What is Abbeysteel?

Abbeysteel™ which makes up our Elite All White Lockers is a unique material that helps reduce the carbon footprint of the products and businesses that use it.

Can they have a sloping top?

Yes, most of Step and Store’s range of lockers such as our Elite School Lockers, Strong Plastic Lockers and Elite Garment Lockers all have a sloping top option available so they can have the right fit for your space.

How many compartments/doors are available?

Have as little as 1 compartment or up to 8 with Step and Store’s Elite Storage Lockers. Or even up to an impressive 20 with our Elite Personal Effects Lockers.

What colours are available?

Our diverse selection of lockers are available in a range of colours: green, red, blue, yellow, dark grey, light grey and black. Or enjoy a clean look with our Elite All White Lockers.