Waste Disposal Sacks

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Waste Disposal Sacks

Step and Store’s Waste Disposal range provide an organised solution for the collection and separation of waste throughout an indoor or outdoor premises. Our sacks are designed to work in both a stationary or mobile capacity, and for a range of materials such as general waste, shrink wrap and mixed recycling.

The Benefits

Show your dedication in creating a premise that is clean and safe for the environment. Step and Store’s Waste Disposal Sacks can help you generate multiple recycling points that are easily recognisable and provide a clear message on how to recycle correctly. Made with a tough and re-usable material, our sacks offer a long-lasting and reliable solution for all of your waste disposal needs.

Waste Disposal Sack Uses

Our Waste Disposal range has a multitude of uses; suitable for both indoor/outdoor use and for a range of different types of waste.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Waste Disposal Sacks can fit any requirement.

Improve efficiency with Step and Store’s Trolley and Roll Cage Sacks, a must-have product that allows you to keep areas clean and tidy while on the go. An ideal solution for the easy collection and segregation of waste packaging materials while performing other duties.

Help maintain the environment with effective recycling, as Step and Store’s Waste Disposal Racksacks offer over six different recycling symbols to help you separate waste correctly. From general waste, plastic only, mixed recycling and many more; make recycling easy for everyone with a clearly labelled system.

Save money with Step and Store’s Waste Disposal range, with all of our products designed to be reusable and hardwearing to provide many years of use. Our Waste Disposal Racksacks are also waterproof making them suitable for all outdoor premises.


What materials are they made out of?

Step and Store’s waste disposal range are made from a tough woven polyester for long lasting use.

What sizes can the Trolley & Rollcage Sacks fit onto?

Suitable for roll cages up to 800mm wide and Trolley’s up to 580mm wide.

What colours are available?

Our range of Waste Disposal Racksacks are available in either a blue or clear front exterior. wIth up to at least six different waste disposal symbols each.

Can they be customised?

Yes, custom options are available. Our range of Trolley & Rollcage Sacks can be overprinted for volume orders. While both company logos and names can be added with our Waste Disposal Racksacks.