All of our material handling equipment is designed to transport products from one place to another with ease and comfort for the user.


Our trolleys come in a range of styles for different purposes and are ideal for a range of applications in many workplaces including offices, workshops, schools, and libraries.


From light loads to heavy duty, we have a vast range of trucks for industrial and commercial purposes.

Drum Handling

Drums often contain hazardous materials. Lift, move, stand, tilt and turn your drums safely and with ease with our robust drum handling equipment.

Drum Storage

A variety of drum sumps and pallets that safely store drums containing hazardous materials, reducing the risk of damage and spillages from hazardous materials, such as chemicals or oil.

Cylinder Handling

Specialist trucks, trolleys, lifts, cradles and pallets to ensure safe transportation of gas cylinders carrying potentially hazardous substances.

Cylinder Storage

Our wall racks, floor stands and cages ensure that gas cylinders are stored safely and to the latest health & safety standards.


With different platform sizes and weight capacities, our trailers use turntable technology for easy operation.

Sack Trucks

Our robustly constructed sack trucks suit a multitude of uses in warehouses, offices, schools, stores and more. Our range comprises folding, heavy-duty, aluminium, budget trucks and more.

Lifters & Stackers

We offer a comprehensive range of general purpose, pallet lifters and stackers for a multitude of purposes in warehousing, distribution and general material handling, allowing you to lift.

Pallet Trucks

Used to transport pallet loads at long distances, pallet trucks can also be used also to load and unload trucks, as well as be used in low-level order picking. Our range of pallet trucks comprise of narrow, extra-long, electric, manual, rough terrain trucks with different weight capacities for a variety of retail and warehouse uses.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Using a scissor mechanism, our scissor lift tables raise or lower large and heavy loads and vary from medium to heavy duty, manual and electrical lift tables which vary in lift height, are easy to operate and have weight capacities up to 1000 kg.

Workshop Cranes

Sheet & Bar Handling

Fully welded, steel constructed horizontal and vertical racks and trucks for sheets, boards, bars, and tubes.

Rolling Corners & Dollies

Unique and adaptable to your needs, our range of Rolling Corners & Dollies allow large and awkward items to be moved with ease, reducing strain for the operatives. Using such products reduces the strain for the operatives.

Furniture Movers

Designed for heavy and bulky items. Ideal for lifting, removal, maintenance and installation furniture movers with a weight capacity up to 1800 kg. With manual and hydraulic options, moving furniture has never been easier.

Castors & Wheels

As mobility is essential, we have a comprehensive range of castors from industrial and heavy duty to light duty and apparatus, with plastic, rubber or steel wheels. Ideal for the manufacturing, food, and retail and healthcare industries.

In this range
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Handling & Lifting Equipment

Step and Store are a reputable and leading supplier of handling and lifting equipment in the UK. and understand that being productive in the workspace and managing goods on an industrial scale is a challenging process. That’s why having the right equipment is crucial to providing a safe workspace. Handling and lifting equipment such as Sack Trucks, Pallet Trucks and Trolleys help to reduce the risk of injury whilst complying to Health and Safety Executive regulations. At Step and Store, we understand that one size does not fit all, and offer a bespoke design service where we manufacture drum handling, furniture movers, lifters, plastic container systems and much more from our extensive online catalogue to your specification requirements. We are committed to providing our customers with products that are made to the highest quality, with fast despatch at competitive prices. With a comprehensive range of sack trucks, platform trucks, scissor lifts, pallet trucks and forklift attachments, our products can cater to all your handling and equipment needs.

Pallet Trucks & Trolleys

Our range of handling and lifting equipment is suitable, safe and efficient for transporting goods around all environments including industrial, warehouse, storeroom, retail or general purpose. Light duties equipment such as sack trucks, stair climbers and trailers are ideal for goods that weigh less than 150kg. They are robustly constructed, made from the highest quality of aluminium and are easily stored away with the latest fold up mechanism. Which is ideal for smaller areas with a lack of storage capacity. For heavier duty tasks, our range of lifters, plate trucks and pallet trucks are more suited to transporting heavy, bulky items such as doors, poles, glass and plastic. The comprehensive range of skips, trailers, stair climbers and mobile scissor lifts are excellent space savers, whilst being safe and can cater to all your handling and equipment needs.

Regulations & Compliance

At Step and Store, all our products are rigorously tested with a British manufacturer guarantee. We follow the strict guidelines laid out by the Health and Safety Executive on all our catalogue and bespoke products. As time progresses, health and safety standards change to meet the demands of working in a safe space. It is compulsory by law that workers are given the correct handling and lifting equipment in order to carry out daily tasks without injury or risk. Here at Step and Store, our experts provide advice and assistance on updating and upgrading equipment to ensure you meet the regulatory requirements and comply to the latest regulations, whilst making the right choice for your business.


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