A wide range of ladders including step ladders and combination style for maximum height requirements.

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Professional Use

Professional use of trade ladders for commercial and industrial sectors refers to the workplace and task. Decorators and painters tend to favour the ever popular Xtend + Climb Pro Series Ladder, offering the option to extend to 2.6m and retract to 0.74m; making these steps the ultimate space saver for vans, garages and even sheds. For indoor heavy duty tasks, our aluminium industrial extension ladders are second to none. Aluminium ladders are lighter, easier to carry/transport, and are more commonly used as extension ladders. Looking for a safer alternative for working outdoors? Why not try our Fibreglass range, which is generally stronger/sturdier/heavier/more rigid than aluminium ladders. Fibreglass ladders are the better, safer choice not only because of their rigidity and sturdiness but because they’re non-conductive - you don’t have to worry about electrocuting yourself through your ladder if you’re working around hot/live wires.


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