A wide range of ladders including step ladders and combination style for maximum height requirements.

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Step and Store’s range uses the latest materials, integrated technology, innovative designs and conformance with health and safety regulations.

The Benefits

Don’t compromise on comfort, health and safety and maneuverability with Step and Store’s range. Each and every one of our ladders utilises components that maximise safety and reduce slipping. Find the perfect fit for you with a variety of heights, working platforms and convenient storage options that help save space.

Ladder Uses

Our range of Ladders have a multitude of uses; suitable for a wide range of heights both indoor and outdoor, schools, warehouses, roofs and any industrial setting.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Ladders can fit any requirement

Stay safe with our Little Giant MightyLite Step Ladder and Fibreglass Swing Back & Platform Step Ladders. Both designed with a non-conductive fibreglass construction, making them ideal for working around electricity with our Little Giant made for 30,000 volts.

Discover clever details with the bottom step alert of Step and Store’s Little Giant King Kombo Industrial or the tilt & glide feature of our Warehouse and Safety Steps, whose angled wheels makes for easy maneuverability.

Have the highest quality construction with Step and Store’s Little Giant Revolution and S2.0 Telescopic Ladder. Manufactured with aerospace grade aluminium, they are 20% lighter than any other comparable industrial-rated ladder.

Withstand a range of environments with our Heavy Duty Combination Ladder which utilises a telescopic stabiliser for use on uneven ground. Conquer any roof with the large ridge hook and anti-slip locating bar of Step and Store’s Roof Ladder. Or squeeze into any tight space with our Light Duty Hop Up, perfect for quick access to high cabinets or ceilings.


What does EN131 mean?

EN131 is a European Union Certification that ensures steps/ladders meet the minimum safety requirements for material and construction. You will find this certification for the majority of Step and Store’s range such as for our Little Giant MightyLite Step Ladder, S2.0 Telescopic Ladder and Pro Adjustable Ladder.

How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s entire range of ladders are capable of holding up to 150kg of weight.

What heights are available?

Our range of ladders come in a multitude of heights. With our Professional Extension Ladder, capable of extending up to an impressive 10.0m.

What types of rungs do they use?

Step and Store Professional Extension Ladder and Surveyors Ladder both use a ‘D’ Shaped Rung with offers maximum comfort.

While a deep serrated tread used by our Warehouse Steps, Fibreglass Swingback Steps and Heavy Duty Professional Platform Stepladders are vital for reducing slips.