Shelving & Racking

We provide a wide range of shelving and racking solutions, from stockroom shelving and warehouse racking systems to pallet racking and accessories.

Bar & Sheet Racking

Ideal for the retail industry and warehouses, our bar and sheet racks store floorboards, timber planks, sheets, boards, large panes, pipes, tubes and more. Available as both horizontal or vertical storage systems.

Barriers & Posts

Whether you are encouraging safety in the workplace, need to separate your workspace or need to protect machinery and equipment, we have a range of barriers and posts to suit your requirements.


Quick and efficient material handling products, our conveyors are suitable for warehouses, distributors and production centres. With different heights available and handy accessories, such as end stops and connecting hooks, you can suit your conveyor belt to your requirements.

Dock Levellers

Dock levellers are a solution designed to bridge the gap between the vehicle and the loading bay, making loading and unloading goods easier and improving safety in the working environment.

Office Shelving

A wide range of office shelving solutions with different heights, depths and weight capacities. Practical, sturdy and reliable, we offer chrome, heavy-duty, compartment, corner and boltless shelves to suit an array of office storage requirements.

Pallet Racking

High-quality adjustable pallet racking solutions for all warehouse spaces. Simple and quick to install, our pallet racking systems have a weight capacity up to 2000kg and come in different decking sizes. We can supply beams, frames, frame ends, and protection kits.

Signs & Labels

Signs and labels are ideal for categorising, highlighting safety precautions, and displaying important information. As well as offering standard, universal signs and labels that are easily recognised, we offer coloured strips, numbers, letters, magnetic labels, and self-adhesive signs.

Warehouse Shelving & Racking

Quality shelving and racking solutions for warehouses. Strong, sturdy and durable, our warehouse storage solutions can hold loads of up to 3600 kg and are designed to be adaptable to your workplace environment in a variety of industry sectors.

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Warehouse Shelving & racking

Shelving and Racking provide storage space solutions for heavy duty items in fast-paced workspaces including industrial warehouses and factories. In recent years, our garage racking systems have become popular for organising domestic and car tools. Heavy duty items can increase the potential of injury and risk in the workspace, our signs and labels range to provide the ability to clearly display important information about the item and the safety precautions in the area. At Step and Store, we understand that convenience and efficiency are key for our customers, and ensure all our shelves and racks are easy-to-build, durable and can withstand testing environments. Our warehouse shelving and racking range also include barrier posts, bar sheet racking, access ramps and conveyors.


We provide a variety of racking solutions for industrial warehouses and factories, that have a loading capacity of 2000kg per level for easy storage. We have a variety of pallet racking that allows for easy access so forklifts and other handling equipment and easily remove or load items without causing damage to the racking system. They are versatile and can be bought as stand-alone or our experts can provide a simple yet effective system for larger units that require interlocking long-span racking. Our range of pallet racking offers the ability to be adjustable and add extra levels. They come in a choice of finishes, including our most popular galvanised steel docking. With pallet racking beams and end protection kits, be confident when buying from Step and Store.


Our leading team of experts provide advice for all shelving and racking solutions across the UK and worldwide. We can help with area assessment for straightforward and specialist areas, such as catering chrome shelves for storing food that offer airflow, whilst eliminating dust build up. Our range also includes office shelving and racking, as our bespoke designs ensure the system is space saving whilst providing safety. Why not speak to our experts today on 0844 576 8722