Combination Ladders

The multi-purpose ladders are ideal for carrying out a variety of tasks for industrial, trade or simple home DIY. Above all, the easy transform step ladders allow the user to choose the best combination including trestle ladders and stairway ladders for security and safety when working at height.

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Combination Ladders

Step and Store’s range of Combination Ladders take the key features of different ladder types and integrates them to form an incredibly adaptable piece of equipment. Including our 3 way combination ladders - who contain extension, A-frame, stairwell, straight and workbench configurations. Providing you with the ultimate multi-use product.

The Benefits

Adaptive, cost effective and designed for easy transportation & storage. Comfort is not lost with health and safety in mind. Versatility is priority with Step and Store’s Combination Ladders from needing that extra bit of length, work on the roof or the stairs and even the bench itself with the added low-level platform of our Pro Adjustable Ladder. It won’t take long to find the right ladder for you.

Combination Ladder Uses

Our range of Combination Ladders have a multitude of uses; suitable for a wide range of heights both indoor and outdoor, schools, warehouses, roofs and any industrial setting.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Combination Ladders can fit any requirement.

Maximise stability with our Pro Adjustable Ladder which utilises top & bottom stablising bars that reduce sideways movement. Or take on uneven ground with the telescopic stabiliser of Step and Store’s Heavy Duty Combination Ladder.

Have easy maneuverability with the integrated wheels of Step and Store’s Roof Ladder and Heavy Duty Combination Ladder. While transportation between sites has been quicker with our Pro Adjustable Ladder - capable of folding into compact blocks that also make for easy storage.

Discover our innovative Little Giant range of ladders, with our Little Giant Revolution - made with an aerospace grade aluminium, making it 20% lighter than any other comparable industrial-rated ladder. While our King Kombo Industrial includes a helpful Ground Cue Indicator that alerts you to the last step - both equipped with wide flare legs for increased stability.


How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s range of combination ladders are capable of holding up to 150kg of weight.

What heights are available?

Our range of combination ladders come in a multitude of heights. With our Heavy Duty Combination Ladder reaching 8.1m for it’s extended length.

What does EN131 mean?

EN131 is a European Union Certification that ensures steps/ladders meet the minimum safety requirements for material and construction. You will find this certification for the majority of Step and Store's Combination Ladders such as our Pro Adjustable Ladder and Little Giant Revolution.