Platforms, Podiums & Towers

Access Platforms and Towers are a lightweight mobile unit that is used both indoors and outdoors. They are a useful solution to carry out construction work and general maintenance.

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Platforms, Podiums & Towers

Step and Store’s range of Platforms, Podiums & Towers allow for work at higher levels, with a solid and sturdy structure that can help you access roofs, ceilings and walls utilising a working platform, scaffolding and guardrails which provides a safe and secure box to stand within to protect workers from falling.

The Benefits

Guarantee safety and improve comfort with our Platforms, Podiums & Towers - instrumental for working for longer periods of time at different heights. The built-in platform helps to reduce fatigue and it’s guardrails keep you secure. Despite its strong structure, our Platforms, Podiums & Towers are lightweight and flexible and have folding capabilities making them ideal for easy storage and transportation.

Platforms, Podiums & Towers Uses

Our range of Platforms, Podiums & Towers have a multitude of uses; suitable for use with construction industries and forklift use.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Platforms, Podiums & Towers can fit any requirement.

Work at incredible heights with our Contractor Towers, whose narrow design provides much greater choice of platform heights an all-round product that upholds health and safety standards with tow-board and guarials also included and maximizes durability with unique crimped abuse resistant joints. Delivered with a 5-year warranty.

Save space with Step and Store’s Podium Steps and Midi Work Platform - both capable of folding for storage and transportation. Our Podium Steps are designed with telescopic guarail providing you with much needed flexibility when working at different heights.

Improve safety when working with forklifts with our Access Platform. Designed to provide easier access for your maintenance, repair and installation requirements. Our products come with a comfortable tubular handrail for all-round grip and more accessible raised gate lock that always returns to a closed position making sure you stay secure while working.

Have easy maneuverability with Step and Store’s Midi Work Platform - complete with a tip & glide feature that makes for effortless transportation. Lockable castors come with our Contractor Towers and optional castors with our Access Platform.


Are Step and Store’s products in compliance with health & safety standards?

Yes, our Access Platform is manufactured according to Health and Safety executive guidance note PM28 (3rd edition) December 2005.

Our Contractor Towers are manufactured to meet British Standards - BS EN 1004:2004

How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Podium Steps and Midi Work Platform are both capable of holding up to 150kg of weight. Our Access Platform can lift a maximum of 350 kg - approved for two persons, and our Contractor Towers have an impressive maximum capacity of 750kg.

What heights can they reach?

Our Podium Steps and Midi Work Platform can reach a platform of height of 1.25m and 1.35m. The overall height of our Access Platform and Contractor Towers 1.925m and 9.2m respectively.

Does the Access Platform come with any accessories?

Yes, castors for mobility and a tool tray can be added on as optional extras.