Static Steps

A wide range of small static steps from 1 - 4 treads in height. Perfect for use in offices and areas which contain shelving, these steps are highly portable and can be storred easily.

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Static Steps

Step and Store’s range of Static Steps are the answer to reaching high spaces while also saving space. An unrivalled fusion of safety and practically, a product you won’t notice until receiving the benefits of using it. A must have product for your long term health.

The Benefits

Reduce excess stretching with our range of Static Steps. Easily stored, high maneuverability, long lasting and most importantly - safe. Step and Store’s highly practical range is a must have for any premises or profession that requires reaching for higher surfaces. When stepladders and large steps are too big or too clunky, our handy selection can be the perfect fit.

Static Step Uses

Our range of Static Steps have a multitude of uses; ideal for offices, schools and stores. Any premises that require a quick and easy solution to gain access to higher items.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Static Steps can assist with any requirement.

Discover a range of safety features available with Step and Store’s Static Steps. From the heavy duty rubber bumper of our Round Step that provides ultimate grip when weight is applied, with extra strength added through it’s clever ‘Arched’ design. The retractable spring of our Steel Kicksteps provides safe access by locking when in use.

Welcome convenience with Step and Store’s Plastic Hop Up, designed with in-steps for easy four way access. With our Steel Kicksteps and Round Step prioritize hand’s free movement alongside it’s lightweight in material for easy maneuverability

Save space with Step and Store’s range of Static Steps - strong, stable and most importantly small. Making them easier to pack, store away and useful in hard to reach places. Our range of mini Step Ladders can fold away and our Plastic Hop Ups even have the ability to stack on each other.

Withstand any environment with Step and Store’s Plastic Safety Steps, made with corrosive resistant medium-density polyethylene, making them ideal for wet, acidic environments. Our Stable Steps receive their name from the high-grade industrial aluminium construction their wide and comfortable steps are made with.


What materials do they come in?

Step and Store’s Static Steps come in a range of materials. Our Stable Steps are made with high strength, industrial aluminium construction. While tough, medium to high density polyethylene makes up our Plastic Safety Steps and Round Steps.

All of our Static Steps are made with high-quality anti-slip treads to ensure your safety.

What much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Plastic Safety Steps have a maximum load bearing of 260kg. Our range of Step Ladders and Stable Steps have a working load of 150kg.

What colours are available?

Step and Store’s Plastic Safety Steps come in a range of vibrant colours from green, blue, red, orange and yellow. Our Round Step and Steel Kick Steps are available in red, blue, grey and black.

What colours are available?

Yes, Step and Store’s Plastic Hop Up is designed with a large area for any labeling and branding.