Rolling Corners & Dollies

Unique and adaptable to your needs, our range of Rolling Corners & Dollies allow large and awkward items to be moved with ease, reducing strain for the operatives. Using such products reduces the strain for the operatives.

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Rolling Corners & Dollies

Step and Store’s range of Rolling Corners and Dollies utilise a simple platform on wheels design that provide an effective and easy way to transport a range of heavy items. Our diverse take on this form of transportation can help you find the perfect fit for your handling requirements.

The Benefits

Make any object manoeuvrable with our Rolling Corners and Dollies. Simply lift and place the dolly underneath, it’s own small stature making it easier to carry around or store away. A piece of transport equipment that doesn’t become another load you’ll need to find a way to move.

Rolling Corners & Dollies Uses

Our range of Rolling Corners & Dollies have a multitude of uses; ideal for most industrial needs, home & office removals, self-storage or events such as exhibitions and music venues.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Rolling Corners & Dollies can fit any requirement.

Including clever design features such as Step and Store’s use of ribbed rubber matting on it’s Rolling Corners and Platforms, a handy material that helps create extra grip when loading heavier equipment.

Have impeccable manoeuvrability with the all swivel castor design of our Platform & Frame Dollies as well as our Rolling Corners and Platforms. The ideal choice when needing to manoeuvre your goods on a continual basis.

Tailor to your exact transport needs with our Medium & Heavy Duty Wooden Dollies that have up to 4 different castor materials such as Anti-Static or Grey Non-marking. You can even change the wheel’s diameter as well as the Deck’s Material and height. Or choose from an open frame or closed surface with Step and Store’s Platform & Frame Dollies.


How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Medium & Heavy Duty Wooden Dollies have a maximum capacity of 700kgs. While our Platform & Frame Dollies have a maximum capacity of 300kgs.

What colours are available?

Step and Store’s range of Rolling Corners and Skates offer a range of high quality epoxy finishes in grey, orange, yellow and blue.

What materials do they come in?

Our range of Platform & Frame Dollies provide an open steel frame or a solid steel or timber frame. Our diverse range of Wooden Dollies allow an additional surface option on top of their plywood decks, including: Plain, Grey Non-Marking and Blue Anti-Slip.

How many sets are the Rolling Corners sold in?

Sold in sets of 4, an ideal number to transport a range of different shapes and sized equipment.