Lifters & Stackers

We offer a comprehensive range of general purpose, pallet lifters and stackers for a multitude of purposes in warehousing, distribution and general material handling, allowing you to lift.

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Lifters & Stackers

Step and Store’s range of Lifters & Stackers are the ultimate product for lifting and loading at different heights. Lightweight, compact, highly-manoeuvrable and most importantly safe. They make easy work of any load and are designed with operator safety at the forefront.

The Benefits

Handling a wide range of goods has never been easier with the versatility that comes with Step and Store's Lifters & Stackers. Their smaller scale makes them useful in hard to reach areas, while their robust construction allows for heavy lifting. Adjustable forks and platforms available. With no exhaust fumes or noise emitted, making them ideal for quiet indoor use.

Lifters & Stackers Uses

Our range of Lifters & Stackers have a multitude of uses; ideal for warehouses and factories - any premises where a 1500mm lift height is required.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Lifters & Stackers can fit any requirement.

Welcome versatility with our Budget Winch Lifters. A money saving option that also works as a sack truck, with a handy removable extension mast and platform. Available with a range of special attachments, such as a v-platform or cradle. All the while being lightweight and compact for easy operation.

Put health & safety at the forefront with our range Ezi-lift devices, all supplied with a test certificate and declaration of conformity. While our Budget Electric Midi Lifters & Manual Lift Pallet Stackers come with overload protection.

Enjoy longevity with our range of Pallet Stackers, with Step and Store’s Powered Straddle Stackers allowing up to four hours use per day. Easily chargeable with a standard 3-pin socket, CE certified and all under a 12 month warranty.

Discover a range of accessories with Step and Store’s 500 Universal. An incredibly versatile lifter, capable of housing 7 different attachments from a platform to a drum clamp. We also stock the options of a single boom, double spindle and cradle with our Budget Electric Mini Lifters.


How much weight can they carry?

Built with quality materials, our range of General Purpose Stackers & Midi Winch Lifters can hold up 1500kg. While our Budget Electric Mini Lifter has a total capacity of 100kg.

What is the maximum lift height?

Step and Store’s Electric lift Pallet Stackers have a maximum lift height of 3700mm. While our cost saving Budget Electric Mini Lifters are available in three different lift heights of 1500mm, 1700mm and 1900mm.

How are the lifters & Stackers powered?

Available in both manual and electric, our range of electric Lifters & Stackers are battery powered. With our Powered Straddle Stackers able to last four hours per day.

What accessories are available for the 500 Universal lifter?

So versatile it’s 7 machines in one. Simply slide the accessory into the rear carrier and retain with a single 10mm set pin.

Drum Claw | Jib | Platform | Boom | Drum Tines | Drum Clamp

Do they meet health & safety regulations?

Yes of course, all of our Ezi-ift products are supplied with documentation covering machine use, maximum load labels/plates, recommended load centres, data sheets and a signed test certificate and declaration of conformity.