Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Using a scissor mechanism, our scissor lift tables raise or lower large and heavy loads and vary from medium to heavy duty, manual and electrical lift tables which vary in lift height, are easy to operate and have weight capacities up to 1000 kg.

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Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Step and Store’s Mobile Scissor Lift Tables utilise a pair of criss-cross supports in the middle to form a stable platform that can be used not only to lift or lower items but also act as a workbench and table extension. An ideal choice to handle heavy items that require the utmost stability, with Step and Store offering both electric and manual options.

The Benefits

Ergonomic in design, our Mobile Scissor Lift Tables reduce the risk of strains or injuries in the workplace - putting your comfort at the forefront. Their ability to transport a load evenly delivers incredible stability, creating unwavering confidence for when you need to reach new heights. With Step and Store’s mobile and budget options, you’ll save both valuable time and costs on top of a machine that will provide many years of reliable service.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables Uses

Our Mobile Scissor Lift Tables have a multitude of uses; ideal in warehouses, factories and the construction sector. These products are perfect for any premises that require an easy way to move heavy duty goods.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Mobile Scissor Lift Tables can fit any requirement.

Stay safe with our Budget Scissor Table and Budget Double Manual Scissor Lift Table, which offer great stability and manoeuvrability. With their flat and wife platforms removing the risk of heavy duty items becoming unstable and falling.

Feel confident at any height with Step and Store’s range of Scissor Lift Tables, whose cross support design makes handling safe no matter how high you go. With up to 11 different heights available for our Budget Scissor Table.

Go electric with Step and Store’s robust Budget Electric Double Scissor Lift Table. Designed to be hassle free with it’s simple handle mounted control pad and easily accessible battery unit - with a free battery included.


How much weight can they hold?

All three of Step and Store’s Scissor Lift Tables come in a range of different capacities. With our Budget Scissor Table capable of lifting up to 1500kg.

Do they come in electric and manual?

Yes, Step and Store offer both types in their range of Scissor Lift Tables. A free 12V maintenance battery is supplied with our Budget Double Manual Scissor Lift Table.

What is included in their specifications?

Step and Store provide all the right information. With each of our products detailing the differences between closed, raised height and handle height, the wheel diameter and the platforms length and width.

Are bespoke options available?

Yes, special designs are available to suit your needs exactly, simply get in touch for more information.