Beam & Louvre Trolleys

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Beam & Louvre Trolleys

Step and Store’s Beam and Louvre Trolleys provide specialised transportation and storage, with our Beam and Carpet Trolleys designed for the safe handling of cylindrical objects across short or long distances. Our Louvre Panel Trolleys allow handling for a range of different sized louvre bins.

The Benefits

Reduce risk of injury in the workplace by utilising the correct equipment available for specialised items such as beams or louvre bins. The strong tubular construction of our Trolleys make easy work of heavy-duty items and its tough epoxy finish makes them ideal for long-lasting use. You can tailor your trolley to your exact preferences, as special sizes are available on request.

Beam & Louvre Trolley Uses

Our Beam & Louvre Trolleys have a multitude of uses; suitable for use in retail, warehouses, workshops, factories and other industrial premises.


What materials are they made from?

Our Trolleys are made from a strong welded steel construction and tubular frames for added comfort. All topped off with a tough epoxy finish.

How much capacity can they hold?

Our Beam Trolley has a total capacity of 350kg and our Carpet Trolley can hold up to an impressive 500kg.

Our Louvre Panel Trolleys can hold up to multiple bins of different sizes. Up to 108 x XL3 bins or 72 x XL2 & 36 x XL3 bins.

What types of wheels do they use?

Options for solid or pneumatic large 400mm wheels are available for our Beam & Carpet Trolleys.

Are bespoke options available?

Yes, we can manufacture special sizes on request for our Beam Trolley.