Platform Trolleys

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Platform Trolleys

Step and Store’s range of Platform Trolleys, also known as Flatbed Trolleys or carts, are for the distribution of heavier and bulkier goods that cannot fit on smaller toe plates. Their simple and practical design provides easy maneuverability in a range of industries.

The Benefits

Platform Trolleys are the ultimate time saver - increasing productivity and reducing the strain by transporting heavier goods across long distances. Their large and stable platforms are vital for preventing goods from getting damaged in transit and Step and Store’s foldable features also makes for easy storage when not in use

Platform Trolley Uses

Our range of Platform Trolleys have a multitude of uses; suitable for use in retail, the medical industry, warehouses and other industrial environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Platform Trolleys can fit any requirement.

Save space as Step and Store’s Platform Trolleys can fold flat with foldable baskets and shelves available with our Nestable Cash and Carry. While the handles of our Budget Aluminum Platform Trolleys and Folding Flatbed Trolleys all fold flat over the platform - ideal for easy storage and handling.

Adapt to any environment with Step and Store’s Standard and Large Aluminium Platform Trolleys - both lightweight for easy handling. Equipped with quiet running wheels, ideal for discreet settings, and corner bumpers for added longevity when maneuvering in tough and tight spaces.

Have variety when it comes to storage with our Nestable Cash and Carry Trolley, with up to five different basket types and platform options. Their heavy-duty and narrow design makes them suitable for where aisle space is restricted or for warehouse picking - all fitted with handy non-marking tyres.


How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Platform Trolleys have a wide range of load capacities, with our Nestable Cash and Carry Trolley capable of holding up to 500kg of weight.

What materials are they made from?

Our Nestable Cash and Trolley range is manufactured in a bright zinc plated finish, with additional mesh and plywood variations.

The rest of our range has a lightweight aluminum design, with silver/white and navy blue platforms available.

How many days for delivery?

5 days delivery is available for our Nestable Cash and Carry Trolley, while the rest of our range can be delivered to you in a speedy 2-3 days.