Roll Cage Trolleys

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Roll Cage Trolleys

Step and Store’s range of Roll Cage Trolleys provide safe transport and storage for non-palletised goods across a variety of commercial environments.

The Benefits

Made with a durable mesh exterior, our Roll Cages provide product visibility and ventilation at no cost to security. They provide a transport system for the protection of a wide range of goods and the protection of the user, making them an essential tool for any warehouse or production facility.

Roll Cage Trolley Uses

Our range of Roll Cage Trolleys have a multitude of uses; suitable for use in warehouses, workshops, retail, laboratories and the healthcare & pharmaceuticals industry.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Roll Cage Trolleys can fit any requirement.

Save space with our Jumbo and Standard Demountable Roll Cages, designed to be easily dismantled, reassembled and repositioned in a range of environments. With our Standard Demountable Roll Cage available 2, 3 or 4 sided variations alongside optional extras.

Shop to the highest standards of quality and safety with Step and Store’s Boxtek Trolleys. Made from a robust steel base and packed full of choice, from colour, shelving or with or without fitted doors. Our Hazardous Boxtek Trolleys are ideal for housing harmful materials with hazardous warning stickers included.

Optimise security with Step and Store’s Nestable Roll Cage, a heavy duty and market leading design that offers full security and space saving construction. Choose between three or four sides, complete mesh infill, sides, lid and shelf.


How much weight can they hold?

Our range of Roll Cage trolleys have a maximum capacity of 500kg, with our Nestable Roll Cage capable of holding up to 600kg of weight.

What heights do they reach?

Our Boxtek Trolleys are available in multiple heights, from 1355mm to a maximum of 1955mm, while our Demountable Roll Cages are both available at over 1800mm. Our Nestable Roll Cage and Merchandise Trolleys have a maximum height of 1690mm.

What materials are they made from?

The majority of our Roll Cages are manufactured from a bright zinc plate finish. Our Boxtek Trolleys have a steel base and offer a choice between plywood or steel shelves.

Are there any optional extras?

Yes, our Demountable Roll Cage offers an additional strap and shelf. Our Merchandise Trolley and Jumbo Demountable Roll Cages are also available with an additional shelf.

What colour options are available?

Step and Store’s Boxtek Trolleys are available in red, blue, green, yellow and grey.