Picking Trolleys

Picking Trolleys help you to save time and increase safety. Our Step Tray Trolley range is the perfect solution for picking and stacking shelves, available in a choice of 3 steps or 5 steps browse the range today.

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A simple solution to avoid carrying heavy items back and forth from one area to another, the step tray trolleys or picking trolleys are cleverly designed to eliminate strain and reduce risks. The multifunctional units can be used in a variety of environments to help increase productivity and minimise hazardous falls.

What’s best for you?

Libraries and offices often use the step tray trolley with wire basket when transporting multiple books and files across different locations that need to be placed on low-level shelves. Popular within a warehouse and retail spaces, the steel blue finish trays both fixed and removable is durable and can hold up to 67 kg of material.  Mainly used for order picking, the spring-loaded steps that lock when weight is applied enables the user to pick and pack items from multiple areas without straining or causing injury.



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