Picking Trolleys

Picking Trolleys help you to save time and increase safety. Our Step Tray Trolley range is the perfect solution for picking and stacking shelves, available in a choice of 3 steps or 5 steps browse the range today.

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Picking Trolleys

Step and Store’s range of Picking Trolleys combine a tray trolley with steps so you can pick items with ease, on the go and at different heights. Its multiple tiers and shelving options allow it to house a wide variety of items, while its spring loaded steps keep you firmly secure when in use.

The Benefits

Increase productivity when handling and distributing items with our Picking Trolleys, designed not only to reduce time, they also help you to organise items and keep them secure. Fully welded in construction and a tough epoxy finish makes our trolleys a long-lasting investment that helps reduce strain when picking.

Picking Trolley Uses

Our range of Picking Trolleys have a multitude of uses; ideal for stock picking and putting away in stores, warehouses, offices and libraries.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Picking Trolleys can fit any requirement.

Prioritise safety with the clever locking mechanisms of Step and Store’s Picking Trolleys, as our 3 Step Tray Trolleys are completely secured in place with the first step taken, thanks to its spring loaded castors. Have full control with the hand operated lever of our Heavy Duty 5 Step Tray Trolley - both are fitted all-round handrails for extra stability.

Create your ideal trolley with the endless options we have available, with up to four different tray/shelf materials and structures including baskets or added lips, removable or reversible trays and a choice of either a flush or a powder coated finish. We provide a choice of 3 or 5 Steps, two or three tray tiers and varying wheel types.


How much weight can they hold?

Our 5 Step Tray Trolley and 3 Step Trolley is capable of holding up to 125kg of weight, with our Heavy Duty 3 Step Tray Trolley having a maximum capacity of 175kg.

What is an RSA angle and ERW tube?

RSA angles are low cost, low carbon and versatile - the ideal choice when manufacturing load-bearing equipment, and make up both our trolleys.

Electric Resistance Welded tubes are ideal for high-impact applications and corrosive resistance, allowing our trolleys to provide long-lasting service.

What tray types are available?

Steel trays, wire baskets and plywood shelves are all available with our 5 Step Tray Trolleys. While our 3 Step Tray Trolley includes the choice of blue or white epoxy, plywood and wire baskets.

Can the trays be removed?

Fixed, reversible and removable trays are all available depending on the material chosen with Step and Store’s Picking Trolleys.

How many tires are there?

Three tiers come with our 5 Step Tray Trolley and all at different heights to house a large variety of items. While our 3 Step Tray Trolleys include a choice of 2 or three tiers.

What types of wheels do they use?

Both trolleys are fitted with rubber wheels, with our 5 Step Tray Trolleys fitted with 2 retractable and 2 fixed castors. Our 3 Step Tray Trolleys offer either 2 swivel and 2 fixed or all four swivel, with non-marking tyres and tread guards for added durability.