Tray Trolleys

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Tray Trolleys

Step and Store’s range of Tray Trolleys, also known as serving carts, utilise an open multi-tier structure, ideally suited for showcasing and delivering goods while on the go. Our range can house a wide range of items and operate in both discrete social spaces and heavy-duty industrial settings.

The Benefits

Improve efficiency and organisation all while reducing strain with Step and Store’s range of Tray Trolleys. This classic piece of equipment offers a simple design for distributing goods, with easy maneuverability, tough materials and plenty of space at great prices. See our best selling Low Cost Tray Trolleys for an affordable yet durable handling solution.

Tray Trolleys Uses

Our range of Tray Trolleys have a multitude of uses; suitable for use in offices, the food and drinks industry, warehouses and other industrial environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Tray Trolleys can fit any requirement.

Prioritise easy handling with Step and Store’s Two & Three Tier Trolleys - a lightweight service trolley, whose non-slip surface, non-marking wheels and all round protection buffers make them ideal for catering and office spaces.

Tailor to your exact needs with our Tray Trolleys and TT160 Series, with up to six different variations for each, including 2 or 3 tiers in either plywood or steel. Our Tray Trolleys also offer removable or reversible trays, with a choice of a flush or recessed fitting. While several different drawer and cupboard combinations are available with the TT160 Series.

Tackle tough environments with the fully-welded steel construction of Step and Store’s Heavy-Duty Trolleys. Our TT350 Series, Industrial Tray Trolleys and best selling Table Trucks are built with a robust, high capacity design - ideal for industrial areas.

Make use of specialised materials available with Step and Store’s Utility range. Our Large Utility Tray Carts’ recyclable polyethylene structure is moisture resistant, bumper proof and anti-slip. Our Utility Tray Trolleys are made with specially formed aluminium uprights and ribbed plastic shelves, which provide strength, durability and stability.


How much weight can they hold?

Our Tray Trolleys have a range of capacities, with our best selling Heavy Duty Table Truck capable of holding up to 500kg of weight.

What materials are they made from?

The majority of our Tray Trolleys are made from a welded steel construction, with tubular and heavy-duty variations, and topped off with a tough epoxy finish. Including Steel, timber or plywood shelves.

What many tiers are available?

A choice of either two or three tiers are available for all of Step and Store’s Tray Trolley range.

Are any optional extras available?

Yes, several of our Tray Trolleys come with the added option of Total Stop Brakes, Pneumatic, Revolving Protector Buffers and All Swivel Castors.

Our Heavy Duty Table Trucks have optional recessed top and bottom at no extra cost.