Bookcases & Storage

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Bookcases & Storage

Step and Store’s Bookcases & Storage allow you to design the perfect storage solution for your workspace. Our range of bookcases and cabinets offer a sleek, organic yet effortless look that can fit in with any environment and add cohesion to your workspace.

The Benefits

Take advantage of all the combinations we have to offer so you can tailor to your exact needs. Mix and match on size, colour, shelving and door type. Step and Store are offering you a chance to feel truly comfortable in your own space with some added flexibility.

Bookcases & Storage Uses

Our Bookcases & Storage solutions have a multitude of uses; suitable for offices and schools, any premises that require sleek yet durable storage solutions.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Bookcases & Storage can fit any requirement.

Go bespoke with Step and Store’s Flexus & Modulus range. A high quality, sleek and yet durable set of storage solutions that are designed to give a vast selection of options in tailoring the perfect workspace.

Store in style with our range of wood effects that make up our Bookcase & Storage solutions.Our products provide the organic and timeless look that wood offers but with the low maintenance and easy to clean benefits of laminate.

Available in five different heights, Step and Store's Modulus Storage is a custom piece that offers four different wood effects, optional shelving and with standard or sliding doors. You can even get in touch with us for mixing wood options.


What types of wood are available?

Step and Store’s Bookcases & Storage come in a range of stylish wood effects with our Flexus Bookcase and Cabinets available in beach wood. Our Modulus Storage instead offers a birch or oak effect.

What are the Modulus Storage options?

Our Modulus Storage offers a choice between open and closed designs, including a bookcase, cabinet and sliding door cabinet. With all options offering a range of different heights.