Chair Transport

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Chair Transport

Step and Store’s Chair Transport range utilises effective types of handling equipment such as trolleys, dollies and sack trucks to provide you with a wide selection of choices that can meet your needs. Transport them upright or folded, stacked or hanging, a few at a time or an entire batch in one.

The Benefits

Manoeuvrability is at the heart of our range of Chair Transport equipment. Housing clever designs that prioritise safety while also reducing the time and energy spent on the distribution and clean-up on an infinite number of chairs.

Chair Transport Uses

Our Chair Transport range has a multitude of uses; ideal for schools, offices and entertainment venues - any premises that require the removal or distribution of a large amount of chairs.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Chair Transport equipment can fit any requirement.

Save time and energy with Step and Store’s Hanging Chair Storage Trolleys, double sided and with up to two levels, this form of chair transport is designed to carry folded trolleys in large quantities.

There's a choice of handle and wheel type with Step and Store’s range of Chair Shifters. Choose our Bar Handle with ribbed rubber which provides extra grip or prioritise all angle handling with our Loop Handle design. Upgrade from solid or pneumatic wheels to combine the advantages of a Stair Climber’s star-shaped wheels making easy work of rough terrain.

Discover versatility with our Universal Table Trolley. A piece of equipment that goes in hand with chair transport. Capable of storing and transporting a range of different shaped folded tables at the same time with its dual mdf platform.

Stay safe with clever details found within Step and Store’s Chair Transport range, from the extra protection provided by the plastic sheaths and end caps of our Hanging Chair Storage Trolleys. Or the 200mm solid rubber tyres of our Chair Shifters which will never puncture.


What types of chairs do they transport?

Step and Store’s range is designed to accommodate different types of chairs. With our Hanging Chair Storage Trolley, Upright Chair Truck and Transport Trolley made to transport folded chairs. While our Chair Shifters stack upright, static chairs. Our Stacking Chair Dolly is designed for chairs with a skid base.

Included in our range is also the Universal Table Trolley, and true to its name, it is capable of transporting different shaped and sized tables all at the same time.

How are they delivered?

Step and Store’s Upright Chair Truck, Transport Trolley and Universal Table Trolley are all supplied with their handles removed and a set of easy to follow instructions.

What colours are available?

Most of our Chair Transport range is available in a smart black epoxy, such as our Stacking Chair Dolly and Hanging Chair Storage Trolley. Whereas our range of Chair Shifters are available in either blue or sandstone epoxy.