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Step and Store’s range of Anti-Slip Flooring provides slip resistant stair nosing and sheets. Both meet DDA requirements to reduce hazards and improve health & safety within outdoor public spaces and other indoor areas.

The Benefits

Protect your staff and visitors by creating a safe environment throughout your premises. Assuring hazards such as slips and trips are reduced through clearly marked areas and the use of Step and Store’s high quality anti-slip materials - designed to work with a variety of different surfaces.

Anti-Slip Uses

Our range of Anti-Slip Flooring has a multitude of uses; suitable for stairs and flat surfaces both outdoor and indoor.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Anti-Slip can fit any requirement.

Upgrade any surface with Step and Store’s Cobagrip Stair Nosing, suitable for use on existing or new-build steps. Our Cobagrip Stair Tread works to cover the entire stair area and can work in conjunction with our Cobragrip Sheets - ideal for undulating surfaces and food production areas.

Discover added safety features such as the chamfered back edge of Step and Store’s Cobagrip Nosing, which removes sharp edges and reduces wear & tear. Our Cobagrip Stair Tread is manufactured from Silicon Carbide, a high strength and thermal resistant material, perfect for hard-wearing and long lasting use.


What do DDA requirements mean?

Yes, Step and Store’s entire anti-slip range meet DDA requirements - providing a slip resistant surface, especially when wet, with contrasting coloured stair nosing for high visibility.

What materials are they made from?

A silicone carbide surface is vital for Step and Store’s Cobagrip Stair Tread. With our Cobagrip Sheets manufactured from 1mm flexible GRP.

How high are they?

The product height of our Cobagrip Stair Nosing and Stair Tread has a 3mm GRP base with an overall height of 5mm. While our Cobagrip Sheet has an overall height of 2.4mm.

Are Cobragrip Sheets suitable for forklift traffic?

Yes, Step and Store’s Cobagrip Sheets provide an effective surface for forklift use.