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Step and Store’s range of Carpeting offers slip and dirt resistant doormats for entryways, with tough or plush surfaces and high-quality backings to keep them in place.

The Benefits

Maintain a clean and tidy premise with Step and Store’s carpeting, capable of trapping dirt and debris with their innovative materials. Designed to be heard-wearing and long lasting for high foot traffic, our cost-effective carpeting provides a quick solution for protection against the outdoor elements and is welcome in any premises or business.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Carpeting can fit any requirement.

Ensure long-lasting carpeting with Cobawash - built with a tufted surface that helps retain moisture, with a robust and heat resistant nitrile ‘gripper’ backing to lock your mat in place. All while being machine washable, bleach and fade resistant, with an 11 year colour loss warranty.

Tack both dirt and moisture with Toughrib, whose ribbed surface collects debris within it’s channels and locks it into place. Our Entra-Plush is crush resistant and quick drying - ideal for use with wet footwear. Both are made with a slip and stain resistant backing to further keep your mat in place.

Go green with Step and Store’s UV and fade resistant Enviro-Mat. Made with 100% recycled materials - with it’s raised polyester pattern made from recycled plastic bottles. Ideal for scraping and trapping debris and offers total carpet coverage to eliminate torn borders.


What materials do they come in?

Step and Store’s Toughrib and Entra-Plush are made using polypropylene fibres which help scrape dirt. While our Cobawash material is a nylon/polyester mix. While our Envior-mat is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Are any products machine washable?

Yes, all sizes of our Cobawash can be washed in an industrial washing machine. With smaller sizes suitable for domestic washing machine use.

What is BS EN 13501-1?

Step and Store’s Toughrib is fire tested to BS EN 13501-1 to ensure maxmine safety.

What colours are available?

Step and Store’s Carpeting comes in a wide range of colours of varying shades - blue, brown, grey, charcoal, red and green.

How high do they reach?

Our carpeting comes in a range of different heights so you can find the best fit:

8mm - Cobawash
7mm - Entra-Plush
6mm - Toughrib
5.1mm - Enviro-mat