Workplace Matting

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Workplace Matting

Step and Store’s range of Workplace Matting is designed to improve the workflow of your business both indoor and out. With our specialised materials built to meet the health and safety standards of distinct environments.

The Benefits

Reduce fatigue and energize workers on production lines, or maintain hygiene through trapping dirt and microbes; minimise slips, trips and other hazards with an overall improved access to facilities. Step and Store’s range can help tailor your workspace flooring to meet its exact needs.

Sack Truck Uses

Our range of Sack Trucks have a multitude of uses; ideal for warehouses, offices, schools and stores. Any premises that require easy transport of heavy and bulky items.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Workplace Matting can fit any requirement.

Increase access with the bevelled edges of our Entramat and Cobascrape - ideal for wheelchair access. Our Entramat’s cross-ribbed surface is also perfect for removing debris from footwear. Whereas Cobascrape's 100% nitrile construction is machine washable and resistant to most chemicals, oils and greases, with it’s raised surface providing a firm footing.

Prioritise easy handling with Step and Store’s Cobatmat, made with an extremely flexible interwoven PVC that can be shaped and distributed to your desired area with ease. Alternatively, make use of our First-Step - a disposable pad that can be quickly applied or removed. Manufactured from an antimicrobial agent to protect against bacteria, mould and mildew.

Improve your workers health by increasing blood circulation with the underfoot cushioning of Step and Store’s Orthomat and raised bubble surface of our Bubblemat. While our Fatigue Fighter dual fused layer construction provides superior comfort and durability, with a tough PVC foam texture for added resilience.

Protect against electric shocks with Step and Store’s non-conductive and lip resistant Cobaswitch Electrical Matting - ideal for use in front of switchboards and high voltage equipment. Our best selling CobaAir Switchboard Matting is hardwearing and slip resistant, perfect for workbenches to protect components.


How many volts are Step and Store’s Non-Conductive Electrical Matting tested to?

6mm thick tested to 11,000 volt and 450 volt rated working
9.5mm thick tested to 15,000 volt and 450 volt rated working

What is BS EN 13501-1 and DIN 51130?

Step and Store’s Orthomat, Cobamat Workstation and Fatigue Fighter are fire tested to BS EN 13501-1 to ensure maxmine safety.

DIN 51130 ensures matting is tested to the correct anti-slip properties, which Cobascrape and Cobamat Workstation are both tested to.

How many packs are First-Step sold in?

First-Step is sold in packs of four pads, each with 30 layers.

What colours are available?

Most of Step and Store’s matting is available in standard black, with our Cobamat and Fatigue Fighter offering several colourful options. Our Bubblemat and Orthomat also offer black/yellow and charcoal/yellow variations.