Active Sitting

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Active Sitting

Step and Store’s Active Sitting range, also known as dynamic sitting, encourages exercise when seated through keeping the body moving and using it’s muscles. Our selection takes exercise equipment such as a balance ball and transforms it into a suitable seat that can be used in the office.

The Benefits

In a world where prolonged sitting is becoming increasingly common in the workplace; this new type of seat can save your health in the long run from sitting related injuries such as back pain, poor posture and increased blood pressure through lack of exercise.

Active Sitting Uses

Our range of Active Sitting has a multitude of uses; suitable for offices, schools, the home and any premises that wants to improve workstation health.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Active Sitting can fit any requirement.

Sit in style with Step and Store’s Balance Stool Chester - a contemporary stool with a built in pilates ball. Upholstered in light grey wool and fitted with legs in a natural ash. You can adjust the shape to your preferences with a supplied air pump.

Strengthen your core with our Pilates Balance Ball Corbridge; vital for active sitting, this seat activates the muscles in your hands, sides and back. Improves your posture and increases blood circulation to reduce fatigue.

Update your premises with Step and Store’s Motion Stool Ups, our colourful range offers a simple and sleek design that fits anywhere within an office, school and most importantly shared spaces. Made with an easy adjustable strap, soft seat inlay, round in shape and with the ability to move to work best with your body’s movements.


What materials are they made from?

Step and Store’s Balance Stool Chester is upholstered in a light grey wool fabric. While our Pilates Balance Ball Corbridge is made from 100% polyester.

What colours are available for Step and Store’s Motion Stool Up?

Our Motion Stool Ups are available in a range of colours - yellow, orange, turquoise, red, black and white.

What heights are available and can they be adjusted?

Seat height can be adjusted with our Motion Stool Up from 450-630mm. The overall shape and form of our Balance Stool Chester can be adjusted with a supplied air pump at a seat height of 550mm.

Our Pilates Balance Ball Corbridge is available in the following sizes:

65 cm suits people under 175 cm/5'7"
75 cm suits people over 175 cm/5'7"