Folding Tables

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Folding Tables

Step and Store’s range of Folding Tables have strong steel legs whose cross braces lock into place to form a steady and secure surface, with the added benefit of folding flat to help save space. Rectangular, square and circular options are available.

The Benefits

An on-the-go surface is possible with Step and Store’s folding tables. Their lightweight structure and folding features makes them perfectly portable, with their all-weather and durable material capable of taking on any environment.

Folding Table Uses

Our range of Folding Tables has a multitude of uses; suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, any premises that require tables that can be easily set up and stored.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Folding Tables can fit any requirement.

Take on all weather types with Step and Store’s range of Folding Tables - ideal for the outdoors with water, UV, heat, shock and chip resistance. Delivered in 10-15 days and all with a 10 year guarantee.

Save time when setting up the perfect table with Step and Store’s Polyfold Adjustable Table. Lightweight for easy transportation, capable of folding with adjustable height and is easily wiped clean for when it’s time to go.


What is BS EN 15372?

Step and Store’s entire range of folding tables is tested to BS EN 15372 - The European standard that furniture has the required strength, durability and safety to be used.

How much weight can they hold?

Our Polyfold Adjustable Height Table has a capacity of 315kg UDL. Our square and circle folding tables have a 315kg and 450kg capacity respectively.

How high are they?

The table height of our square and circle tables is 743mm high. While our Polyfold Adjustable Height Table can be adjusted from 740 to 940mm.