Fire Safety

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Fire Safety

Step and Store’s range of Fire Safety equipment encompasses a variety of fire extinguishers, including: CO2, foam, water and powder, as well as separate stands and covers. We provide flexible options when introducing fire prevention to your premises.

The Benefits

A well-placed, easily accessed fire-extinguisher with the correct safety precautions included can mean the difference between a small incident or an inferno. Step and Store’s range offers twin stands and kits to maximise fire safety, with attention to detail such as quick-removal straps, handbells and labelling for instruction and usage.

Fire Safety Uses

Our range of Fire Safety Equipment can work in any premises that requires necessary fire prevention.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Fire Safety can fit any requirement.

Provide access for different types of extinguishers as Step and Store’s Fire Extinguisher Stands are designed to accommodate most with single and double options for a variety of types and capacities.

Highlight fire safety information with the labelling included with our Office Fire Bundle and Construction Site Kits. Detailed signs on extinguisher type and usage are in clear view and sit behind each extinguisher, so you’ll always have the correct information at the most important time.

Transport and protect your fire extinguishers with Step and Store’s Covers - available in two sizes with incorporated loop handles for quick removal and a clear front panel for instant viewing of the extinguisher’s instructions.


What type of Fire Extinguishers are available?

Step and Store’s Fire Safety range include several different type of extinguishers:

Firechief Eco Spray 6L Water Additive Extinguisher
Firechief XTR 2kg CO2 Extinguisher
Firechief XTR 9kg powder extinguisher
Firechief XTR 9L water extinguisher

How many litres can the Fire Extinguisher Stands hold?

Our Classic Fire Extinguisher Stands can hold extinguishers up to 9kg / 9 litres.

While our Heavy-Duty Extinguisher Stands are suitable for 2kg CO2 or 6 litre foam extinguishers or for our double option - 1 x 2kg CO2 and 1 x 6 litre foam extinguishers.

What materials are they made from?

Our Fire Extinguisher Covers are made from a durable, reinforced PVC-backed polyester. High impact polystyrene makes up our Classic Fire Extinguisher Stands.